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About Us: The Community of VETERANS-GAMING

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The Community of VETERANS-GAMING


VETERANS-GAMING was founded by retired Marine Staff Sergeant BLuDKLoT and though we are not a veterans-only community, we do have many veterans from around the world here, and the rest of us are military enthusiasts. We are an international group with members from over 40 countries on 5 continents, and as a whole we speak English as our common language. We are more of a fraternity or community of friends than an average gaming clan, we don't want people joining if they aren't sure what VG does, which consists of merely hanging out and playing games.

VG is a home with open doors for casual and mature teamwork oriented gamers. We award Clan Membership tags to anyone who proves themselves to be responsible and have team play spirit and to those that have hung out long enough to be considered part of the wallpaper. We primarily host and play co-operative and player vs. environment game modes against AI "bots" rather than humans, but many of us also play competitive PvP games as well.

If people are cool with that, we're proud to have them! We have no problem with players remaining as merely players, and we are slow to recruit players into VG. Some groups push to get as many tag wearing members who are interested in a common theme as they can. VG is more about quality over quantity. People who become VG are fairly well vetted over time, and more worthy of trust and responsibility than the average online gamer who gets their tags after a week and a handshake. We've been around for a decade now, and we'll be around for more years to come.

VG Brotherhood

Like a group of brothers, active VG Clan Members are familiar with each other or at least the names they see often in TS3, on the website and in games - we are many. Though not every VG member knows every other member and even if certain "brothers" play different games, or don't know each other as well, or even do not get along as well as others, each one can count on the other when it is important because we all have that common COOP Gaming spirit and value that Golden Rule: "treat others as you'd have them treat you" - which can easily be translated for VG into "Don't be a dick!" - a common sense term applicable to many rules which we must spell out for those lacking in common sense.  We value our players just as much as our own VG Clan Members; if you are here, you're part of the community, and welcome to get on board and participate as community members in all Public VG activities.

The Round Table of VG

Our forum reputation and ranking system can help show who is most active and helpful around here, but we have no true ranks; VG Clan is a Round Table - though there are those who have stepped up to even higher responsibility whom we trust to make certain command decisions not suitable for a Clan Vote, and security dictates that we have only a small portion of our group with root accesses to certain areas - in the end, we are all equals here, even among our public players, with a common goal to have a cool place to hang out and call home while gaming. Although there are times when command decisions must be made for the benefit of the entire group, we don't pull rank on each other or even public players and all rules apply to us Clan Members just as much as everyone else. VG Clan Members must maintain the standard spirit of our own rules ("Don't be a Dick!") when playing on any server anywhere - we represent our community online, and are ambassadors of friendly team-play who value fair play and camaraderie overall.

VG Community Participation and Support

VG Clan Members and active community members check the website often, and try to participate in discussions on the forums as appropriate to maintain an active presence among our peers, but we will not force people to be active in events, the website, TS3, or any game server. We all get busy with life at times, and our individual absences will not be held against us if we become inactive. Our level of appreciation, support, activity, and commitment to VETERANS-GAMING is up to us. Some members are able to show their support by donating to help cover our community bills (currently $4.10/day US) and others help out by taking an active administrative role on our website or one of the game servers we run, and yet others just show their support by playing on our servers when they can and helping to spread the love of VG Gaming. We value all levels of support, and appreciate anything our members are able to do at VG even if it's just being part of the wallpaper! We have a great website here and a VG Facebook and Twitter for those who use those sites. We welcome posts, military gaming links, screenshots and videos, and even just general discussions - if we want to help grow the community, the active posting and social networking is a helpful tool we can use if we wish.

VG Server Administration

When we administrate a server, we do so by giving players the benefit of the doubt while also sticking to our convictions regarding the well being of the server, and we adhere to the spirit of our server rules as much as, or sometimes more than, the letter of our server rules. Every public player is a potential friend, admin, or even clan member in the future, and should be treated kindly and welcomed including such times as they must be spoken to regarding a rule violation.  At that time, we must use our best judgement with a primary goal to correct their behavior which sometimes must include punishment for their actions - there are clearly times when immediate and swift harsh actions are required, but as VG Clan Members and ambassadors to the public, we must also gauge when it is possible to encourage and teach better attitudes for public gaming to the players and each other in hopes to further support and define the VG style of gaming: Organized yet casual fun with respect for others and the rules of the game.



Be Cool, Have Fun, and Game On!  Long Live VG!








"This is the oath of a Knight of King Arthur's Round Table and should be for all of us to take to heart. I will develop my life for the greater good. I will place character above riches, and concern for others above personal wealth, I will never boast, but cherish humility instead, I will speak the truth at all times, and forever keep my word, I will defend those who cannot defend themselves, I will honor and respect women, and refute sexism in all its guises, I will uphold justice by being fair to all, I will be faithful in love and loyal in friendship, I will abhor scandals and gossip-neither partake nor delight in them, I will be generous to the poor and to those who need help, I will forgive when asked, that my own mistakes will be forgiven, I will live my life with courtesy and honor from this day forward."

-- King Arthur, from the book Le Morte d'Arthur: King Arthur and the Legends of the Round Table

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