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BMS 4.33.1 Screenshot mega thread

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As promised, a new home for all your BMS 4.33.1 screenshots. Doesn't matter if you fly on VG or somewhere else. If you got a picture or an album worth showing, please share it here. We partially fly for the eyecandy, don't we? ;)

This is how I intend this to work:
- register with a reliable image hoster (no imageshack with praying kitten please!). I personally recommend imgur.com but NutsBe for example is using postimage.org. Even having a google account and using google drive might work these days.
- upload a bunch of good screenshots into one album/folder ('picture dump')
- pick your favorite picture and embed it into your post using the image BBcode
- leave a brief description of the picture and/or album/folder content
- attach a link to the full album/folder
Finally keep "comms quiet". Give a thumbs up for posts you really like to show your appreciation. Avoid 'nice pictures'-replies and just share your own from time to time. We might become the largest BMS screenshot archive this way ... but don't overdo it. We don't need every flight captured :)
Should make things more organized and save BW and traffic on the VG end.

After about 6 hours of flying in total and finishing off with a 2 and a half hour flight I'm still not exhaused. So, to calm myself down I queued up some Thrash Metal and went through my BMS screenshots. Ended up with 22 decent pictures partially dating back to July. Full album is to be found here: http://imgur.com/a/FYZB1

Enjoy and happy sharing!

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Eliminates all file size issues (PNG is BMS default, 1080p = 2mb), convenient to add and read descriptions (no extra clicks needed), no flooding of the gallery/feed after a good night of flying, more organized, no admin work if something goes wrong, easy to share across forums/social media/IM .... I can think of a lot of advantages.

The VG gallery seems fine for single pictures but in flight sims you're on a mission. You capture different things that happen and might want to share the story behind them. For this I find a decent image hoster to be superior. 
EDIT: just noticed the gallery always scrolls up to "add image" for me.

Few pics of the 5-ship strike a couple of days ago: http://imgur.com/a/6eBV6

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