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=VG= SemlerPDX

Arma 2 1.60 Patch NEW! Memory Allocator Functions

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If you want to see some serious improvement, I strongly suggest you read all about the new malloc function.


Since 1.60 patch, BI has included 6 memory allocators and allows for the use of custom malloc's.

Basically, for MANY users but not all, this will improve how the game uses the RAM it has available to it. It's not gonna start using more RAM, but it should use RAM better. You enable it via a command line launcher, as in, make a shortcut desktop icon to your Arma game, then right click on it to view Properties.

You should see something similar to this:

This is the one I am currently trying out, and I gotta say WOW!:

Load times improved, things popping in/up faster like menus, things I click, and in game, I notice less "struggling to pop in textures" for items even moreso than simply installing the game on another hard drive. I finally feel like I'm using a PC with tons of fast RAM! I recommend trying them all out for yourself, and see if you don't get improvements.

Insert the line after the "Target" path in quotation marks:

And while we're on the subject of shortcut launchers, remember that you can also use these start up command lines with those nifty Arma 2 launcher apps that everyone raves about.

Try this one, it will very quickly launch your game, and take you directly to your favorite server via it's IP address:

-malloc=tbb4malloc_bi -skipIntro -nosplash -connect= -port=2302

It will look like this, and when you double click the icon, provided you also have your CLAfghan Map addon enabled, the very first Arma menu you will see is the "Choose Your Role" menu in the new VG CLAfghan COOP Arma 2 Server. Works with any persistant server you have the IP for. I have one for each VG server:

For some added fun, you can make or use custom icons with that "Change Icon" button there. Arma 2 includes many, but here's one for the VG Fanboys:

Semler's handy-dandy desktop icon set:

Good luck, and if you have any questions, shoot me a PM or post it here. Merry Christmas!

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=VG= SemlerPDX ... i found this http://google-perftools.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/doc/tcmalloc.html ..
Check it out... i all so posted it in gmail for you...
and of course " Merry christmas "... Aaron

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