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Sup gamer freaks,

Wow been I've so busy. Finished the fall semester! Holy shit it feels good. I'm still maintaining a 4.0 GPA and have been for the last year and it feels freakin amazing. College is hard af! So after that ended I went to Vegas to visit fam for a few days with my daughter. Traveling with a young child will wear you the fuck out quick. But we had fun with grandma and grandpa, came home, and my daughter just started daycare again today. Which is awesome because I really need some free time before I start summer classes on June 1st.

So my plan, I'm going to start hitting the gym again after 2 months of lock down. I'll be on to play some games and basically just trying to chill these last few days before it starts all over again. 

Anyway, I see you out there.




Ps - gym still closed. 


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