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Insurgency S.O.A.R. Arma 3

=VG= ciro

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On 4/27/2021 at 6:45 AM, CptHawk said:

The IEDs in arma are actual place able explosives and are not invisible unless scripted that way, as well as only having a handful of variations, to the point that after a week of playing you can spot them a mile away. On top of that, the DUKES on the MRAPs and hummvees do work and the MRAPS do survive IEDs depending on the size. You can also use mine sweepers that will mark IEDs as mines and the Unmanned drone from the contact DLC will detect IEDs that you can then deal with from the drones.

RHS I believe is the mod that has the DUKE mounted vehicles however.

I really like the IEDs!

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