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Nissan S12 Build

=VG= Murderface0151

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Thought i'd chronicle the build of my S12 for those that are interested.

something was wrong with the first thread i made so i just made a new one.

- Repair rust damage to body and chassis
- Possibly take it back to metal and prep for new paint job, though i do like the original scheme so i'll see
- 15x9 rims all round
- 1.8L CA18DET Engine to be sourced and dropped in
- Find rear LSD, if not i'll keep the locked diff thats in it (lol)
- Various interior mods, but not ricer shit (i.e hydraulic handbrake, conservative boost gauge, factory bucket seats from S14 or S15)
- Decent audio setup
- Need to make it Legal (re-register, get a WOF and Cert) but that might wait a while lol

^ More ideas will come along the way.

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Got a free 5spd gearbox from my mate, exactly what i was after. was in a hell of a state but gave it a decent clean up and it's come up okay, the input shaft on the inside of the bell housing is a bit rusty but once that's in motion it should fire the rust off pretty good. for now i'm going to settle for spraying some rust eater and "Zinc it" onto it.

also picked up a 2.5" straight through pipe for it too, downpipe will match up to factory CA18DET exhaust manifold so i'm happy with that. just need to trim the end (pretty dog job at the moment) and weld a length of straight pipe onto it, might go 3" at the end for that extra loud obnoxious effect.

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SR20s are like assholes, everyone has one lol. no other market outside the US got the KA or i'd be willing to look into them lol. CA's are basically baby RB's, they were the proto RB, strong block and rev happy. plus gas is only getting more $$$ hehe, plus the mounts are already in there for a CA, thanks for your thoughts though man. and you cant beat boosted sils :)
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that's the original factory two tone, it's pretty haggered though, scratches on the roof, flaking off on corners etc. just the usual shit with old 80's paint jobs. just spent an hour cleaning the engine bay out, as i now intend to climb into it and take away all the rust. my mate owned it before me and tied the battery in with a f****** shoe lace, battery fell off and hit the crankshaft pulley and spat battery acid all over the inside of the engine bay. awful stuff
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thanks Clippy, Sam. all i really need is to get a driveshaft fabricated up if i cant find one (spares are rare for these) and an engine plopped in (need to repair an engine mount) and she'll be moving. (oh and get wheels)

last owner cut the damn suspension so it sits hard on its ass, that needs fixing too...
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Tidied up interior, mainly wiring around the wheel. still to wire up Ignition and all that jazz. interior starting to look normal now... refer to first post for condition when received lol.


this bit is interesting, took a closer look at the suspension and OH... what's this? previous owner was too lazy to get rear suspension compressed or just buy some lowering springs for it... instead they cut it (illegal and unsafe) and to stop the spring flying off when max extension is reached they've secured it with a couple zip ties... some people...

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