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v1.7.4.1 Please post Server Reports here

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PR:BF2 v1.7.4.1 Changelog (2023/04/03)


Appeased the cat.

Fixed start_prbf2_w32ded.bat using wrong modPath.


Fixed random kit selection throwing errors.


Fixed Leopard 2A4 roadwheels spinning wrong direction.


Fixed auto-spotting the stationary Zu-23-2.


Al Basrah:

Fixed using wrong factions.


Fixed factions being on the wrong side.


Fixed spawns getting blocked too quickly.


INS32: Fixed using wrong factions.

Kunar Province:

COOP: Fixed accessing off-map airfield.

COOP32: Fixed using wrong factions.

Ras el Masri:

Fixed using wrong factions.

Road to Damascus:

Added CNC.

Fixed missing BETA declaration.

Fixed locking aircraft past view distance.

Fixed missplaced statics and textures.

Fixed combat areas.

AAS: Updated flag layouts on all layers.


Fixed using wrong factions.

Increased available vehicles.


Fixed spawns getting blocked too quickly.


Fixed miss placed statics and trees.

Improved lighting.

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