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AVCS Bug Report - Command(s) not functioning as expected

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Profile:  AVCS4 BMS - Immersive Voice Control Radios
Issue:   Command(s) not functioning as expected
Profile Version:  1.40.4
VoiceAttack Version:  1.8.9

Steps to reproduce:
  1.   Use any JTAC Command with QWERTZ style keyboard

Expected Behavior:

Observed Behavior:
Not pressing the Z key for Tanker/JTAC menu, presses Y instead even on QWERTZ style keyboard

Personal Testing:


As a temporary fix for now, it might be a little while to round up other bugs and fix them, here's a version of the config table which will work only for users with a QWERTZ style keyboard:

Unzip the file to the location below to replace the 'avcs_config_table.core' file  in that folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Apps\AVCS\CORE\BMS\40\update


If that is not your path it may be this one, depending on where you installed VoiceAttack:

C:\Program Files\VoiceAttack\Apps\AVCS\CORE\BMS\40\update


Severity / Status:      Significant

View full bug report

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