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  1. [poll] Minecraft: Who has it?

    I'm getting an end of stream error when trying to join. I'm using Beta 1.5_01. Is that what everyone else is using?
  2. Airport Diagrams

    I use these, very good so far. http://www.virtual-jabog32.de/index.php?section=downloads&subcat=37&file=1200
  3. [poll] Minecraft: Who has it?

    Thanks Blud. Got this damned game yesterday, and now I'm addicted. And that was single player lol
  4. DCS/LockOn Videos

    Iffn, Jackless and I managed to get on a server the other night for a few short minutes. Was cool seeing and hearing others on at the same time, even if it was just engine start. Sadly my plane exploded twice on the ground because I think someone spawned in on top of my position. Something to watch out for in the future on public servers.
  5. Mario Land + Army men in Project Reality

    Strange how its loading the dirt maps and not the color ones aswell on the car and lamp post.
  6. DCS-A10C Video Tutorials

    The links don't appear to be working for me.
  7. A1O Hog, Canadian Army, and Tom Hanks....

    Yeah, the rounds hitting and then that deep roar.
  8. Awesome sound of the A10 in action, and it seems Tom Hanks has stopped in to give his support :D
  9. To Paris!!!

    Great city. Have fun, and if you get a chance the river cruise with dinner included, that starts near the Eiffel Tower is cool. Unless you're on your own of course.
  10. Whale Hunting

    I wonder if the Japanese whlaing fleets have seen this. They'll probably be running in fear!
  11. DCS Frustrations

    Thanks for the link Bones. I was feeling the frustration the other day when I was running the single player Hideout mission for the first time. I thought I'd use it as a training mission and work my way through it and see how far I'd get. The idea being to run this mission multiple times until I completed it. That way I'd know the lay of the land, radio freq's, even the airfield layout. Basically I could concentrate on learning to fight the A10. When I got to the target I started to realise that I didn't know enough by a long shot, and it was all very overwhelming and deadly lol. And a bit depressing. So, now I'm back to the tutorials, making notes, etc. practicing so I don't blow my tires on landing :D Also I've found a guy on Youtube who's got some great tutorials vids uploaded. I gotta learn to walk before the sprinting comes up :D http://www.youtube.com/user/wagmatt
  12. Gaming Sessions

    Hey dman, I have on the hardrive at this time.... PR DCS A10 (learning at the moment) Arma OA (trying to get used to this after lots of PR) FSX Rise of Flight Left 4 Dead 2 Civ 5 (when its not crashing or freezzing up) Napoleon Total War (not as good as Medieval)
  13. [moved] Combat Rescue Afghanistan

    Found this on youtube via a DCS A10 vid. Great quality video plus cool music, and quite humbling to watch.
  14. Hey

    Hey Crooks glad to see another PR and FSX player. Have you seen A2A's planes for FSX? Highly reccommended. If you like flightsims and want something a bit more up to date :D try DCS A10c Awesome sim. Hope to see you on PR soon. Cheers
  15. Funny pictures

    oh dman I was just gonna go for my lunch. Urggh...