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  1. hell yea man, i will be on tonight.
  2. ...stay where you are bud, dont be overclocking too much dont want to push your luck.
  3. now that is some wicked snow.
  4. i have to say no, i know what your talking about ingo, there are times, and some good reasons to lock a squad, but i do believe no locked squads are better. plus you could just always kick them from the squad if you dont want them
  5. indeed helldiv3r speaking the truth brother
  6. Welcome!! :D you finally posted a intro
  7. same here oni just more of a entire computer :P
  8. Where those flak cannons shooting at you at the airfield?, and this looks awesome.. makes me want to get flying in free falcon again.
  9. dont have HL1 :( doesnt look bad tho
  10. True but my point still goes.
  11. What other maps have forklifts? Muttrah is the only one isnt it?
  12. useally that happens if you dont have access to the internet/ or w/e if you send a image, but idk i dont send pictures with my phone often, and mine does that everyonce in awhile/ not sure why :P
  13. Indeed badploy, know your environment, know your weapon is crucial in war. Know the advantages, and disadvantages of the terrain .
  14. i am downloading this now, epic man.