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  1. haha kifash hal twahshtak 


    1. ranger_12


      yetwahchek lkhir khouya wallah bien ;) wach rak anta ?

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  2. :buba: The time has come I have to say good bye to everybody who likes (or not) to play with me(:blum2:). 

    While sitting there at Munich as a Nightwatch on my Market, I will lovefull remember the good times I've had the last Weeks.

    It is only for three Weeks but I feel that I want to tell you all, Thank you for these nice hours I have playing Games with you all.

    Since I have a new Partner in Life, it is even more fun to play, because she supports my Game addiction. Ha!

    You Guys and Gals are the fun part of my Life.:hi:

    I look forward to see you all soon but now I have to do my Job:pogranichnik:. You all stay safe and healty the next three weeks.

    Rot out!


    1. ranger_12


      because she supports my Game addiction. Ha!  :clapping:



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  3. m823us my name is 22..12  I know I have become annoying

    Why do I want to become  liteadmin ? Because you are playing and you buy games from steam ...In my country, I can not buy from steam  sow i have just PR VG MY HOME PLZ MAN PLZ TEST ME .

    I know that this game is for friends and I swear I help out new players

    and i join to TS

    you will not regret it      PLZ  m823us That you do not want me to become one of you say no, and I'm sorry

    And I know all the rules of the game

    1. ranger_12


      wow you wanna be admin ? :D .... good luck brother 

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