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  1. I'll be flying all night tonight look me up on The VG server and TS ------ Want to learn jump in - Want to lead - Jump in
  2. Harrier fans are going to love this....... Harrier AV-8B Click Link for Harrier NATOP manual.....
  3. i have no idea how realistic it is - i can say this though ---- if you ever see a Harrier land in front of (You Wont) it is nothing short of a miracle that the engineers could do this. there are 4 nozzles the 2 front nozzles are cold air and the two aft are hot
  4. found this great article on the TACAN system. Props go out to United Operations Group for this. I like the explanation of setting up yardstick. Do you guys set it the same way? I fly a lot of lone wolf missions and as of late and flying the Harrier quite a bit. I have not set up air to air TACAN in quite a while.
  5. Getting old Dude

  6. Nice Score Lads! I missed this one
  7. Okay I did not have time to listen to it all. Damn some of that sounds real good Brain! I downloaded it and will take a listen to the tracks tomorrow. Cheers. You may be happy to know I christened my brand new head phones with your song "Fones are Phunny" you better copy right that one b4 a Evil Disco band steels it.
  8. Yo


    1. CryingOrca


      Hey I'll be on tomorrow. I'll look for ya on ts!

  9. let me say this ... that has to be the first shot and that cameraman is fucked! after that all them small stone are gone but that pic is a Virgin shot off that cannon .... yum
  10. For the Marines and Army!

    A spectacular pic captured by a very good photographer..... It is REAL Picture Worthy of a desktop for a few weeks at least !
  11. yeah id like to hear from artillery unit men to verify this shot....
  12. 1 millisecond after ignition
  13. i can just see them in that pit with the gug on the cam .... serious and like hit it BOOM
  14. yeah right?
  15. Bautiful Kaos//... Hope to be Landing with you soon my Brother
  16. Boo

  17. Making tail art.

    I am making the tail art for this squadron. They have been deactivated now and A-10s are in their place. Taking on the squadron number, name, and insignias. Template provided by Red Dog over at Benchmark Sims forum.
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