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  1. Getting old Dude

  2. Nice Score Lads! I missed this one
  3. Okay I did not have time to listen to it all. Damn some of that sounds real good Brain! I downloaded it and will take a listen to the tracks tomorrow. Cheers. You may be happy to know I christened my brand new head phones with your song "Fones are Phunny" you better copy right that one b4 a Evil Disco band steels it.
  4. Dude, didn't want to cut you off! Thought it was a 20 minute fix on your end, but you were just gone instantly. Feeling bad a bit :-|

    Spent around 30 before I gave up on Yame, as it kept crashing at multiple points. Already got a response on BMSF, will check on that later today. If it doesn't work, well, there isn't a lot of room on my desk anyways.

  5. Yo

    1. Static


      Hey Brain what's happening there? 

      I just came home from work. I had the internet company here for 2 days rewiring our entire apartment building last week. I think it is safe to say my problem is finally fixed, :P

      I have not been flying at all and I am very rusty. Need to do a lot of practice flights.

    2. Brain


      Don't worry, all I've done in BMS in the last months was applying Update 3 and one quick test flight.
      Just seeing if you're still around and how things are going. Good thing your connection is finally fixed.

      Things are still not looking bright here. After things got pear-shaped about 2 years ago, I spend a lot of time digging myself a whole and it needed some more crap to happen until I realized ... oh well, 2017 is gonna be 'busy'

  6. Yo


    1. CryingOrca


      Hey I'll be on tomorrow. I'll look for ya on ts!

  7. Thank you for the donation!

  8. I just got reminded of some kind of bet we may or not have had xD

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Brain


      sorry, won't make it. 'Sudden' winter is making me have a really bad connection. I think VG felt that already these days. Crap.

    3. Static


      Ahh they have been running 4.33.2  for a week now ...

    4. Brain


      Seen ... Thought they rolled back until MP is more stable, aka maybe U3. o.0

  9. let me say this ... that has to be the first shot and that cameraman is fucked! after that all them small stone are gone but that pic is a Virgin shot off that cannon .... yum
  10. yeah id like to hear from artillery unit men to verify this shot....
  11. 1 millisecond after ignition
  12. i can just see them in that pit with the gug on the cam .... serious and like hit it BOOM
  13. yeah right?
  14. Bautiful Kaos//... Hope to be Landing with you soon my Brother