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  1. Skin lessons 101 Skins are only viewable to yourself. We use F16 CM50 as an example. If I overwrite the skin file for the F16CM50 - every CM50 in the sim will have that skin on it. (it is a personal preference and will show up in MY screen shots.) If I run a flight of 4 F16 CM50s and you are my wing and I take a screen shot your plane will show up as the skin i have for plane #2 EVEN if You have a different skin. It is local files and they do not propagate across systems. That being said---- nothing shows up on servers in respect to the visual changes you have made. AND b4 you do any type of skin improvements or alterations make sure you backup the correct directories to revert if something goes crazy. There are integrity checks on the server and look into your DAT files (they dont care about skins) but once you start modding be aware of this and backup all files necessary.
  2. Making some Harrier Tail art . This is an actual paint from the VMA-513 Squadron. I need to skew it on a layer and get it all in the right position to lay onto the skin file. I am also going to "Dirty" up the Harrier a bit more and work on all the rivets and lines on it.
  3. Sorry Geek I jumped to conclusions that day you and I were on the server. I did not see anybody on the server for days and I was pretty much on it for 4 days at least 6 hours a day. I fly Harriers out of that base constantly and never saw a F-16 get fragged out of there by the server ever. When I did see it, I jumped to the conclusion you were fragging the flights. Sorry again. Sorry for the disruption pilots... ~Static
  4. Hey Rotblut.... You are texting to Kavlenko but it is coming to me... lol ... but yeah I will help ya out also. Talk with Semler about getting your flight stick setup and hit me up if ya got any questions.

    1. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      Thanks, I come back to you as soon as I loose my Steel Ocean addiction (for the Moment) ;)


  5. Hello Semler. BMS is down. Tried to get on at 9am EST and no joy. Retried at 11am - Same

  6. Where is Brain? making music?
  7. 1-airsource to ram 2- Battery on 3- Fuel - Master Fuel switch Up (yellow white left side) and fuel pump switch up (below the master) 4-JFS - Click once and engine will spool up to 20% 5-Nozzles to 40 degrees 6- wait for engine spooling 7- Hit idle detent button 8- Generator On Switch up after engine spools up to 70% - Set Air source to dump (right click 1 time - switch will come back 1 spot) see #1 8.1 -clear errors and load data cartridge 9- Turn lights on - Turn Hud Bright up - INS Align 10- Coms on right panel - 1 click to set it on PRESET (your presets for coms) - and the other knob to the right 2 clicks to set BOTH 11- Click UFC Down switch (right side below the Coms switches in Step 10) - you got coms on now - set Com1 and 2 Volumes up on the front UFC panel (push the white buttons to change UHF or VHF radio preset or to enter a frequency) 12- Under left MFD - Right and Left Hard points power on - FCR FCC and SMS tun on- 13- Align INS switch after align is complete and flashing ready - Turn on countermeasures program TAXI
  8. Lets go fly Kav

    1. =VG= Kavelenko

      =VG= Kavelenko

      Sure Static how about we meet up on the server either Monday night or Tuesday night. My wife works night shift those nights so I usually stay awake all night. We're about 11 hours ahead of Zulu time.

  9. Howdy
  10. I'll be flying all night tonight look me up on The VG server and TS ------ Want to learn jump in - Want to lead - Jump in
  11. i have no idea how realistic it is - i can say this though ---- if you ever see a Harrier land in front of (You Wont) it is nothing short of a miracle that the engineers could do this. there are 4 nozzles the 2 front nozzles are cold air and the two aft are hot
  12. Harrier fans are going to love this....... Harrier AV-8B Click Link for Harrier NATOP manual.....