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  1. Weather & Other Settings

    Excellent, thanks for your labours. (Disclaimer, I have not tried it yet lol )
  2. Falcon BMS 4.33.2 released

    100mb download. Incremental update consisting of various fixes. No requirement to reinstall BMS but might be better to. Config file does not change. Some alterations to keyfiles and available callbacks.
  3. Getting "ERROR: Different Falcon Version" BMS Server

    You have not in fact updated to U2 as you can see in lower right of that screen where it says 4.33.1 Follow the step by step details given on the bms forum to apply update 2 and you cant go wrong. https://www.bmsforum.org/forum/showthread.php?28573-Falcon-BMS-4-33-U2-Incremental-Installer
  4. Falcon BMS 4.33.2 released

    It specifically says " U2 does NOT replace or modify your existing config file" and that is how it turned out for me. Also my previous settings for display extraction remained ON so UI was in window mode as before. Only the default keyfiles have updates so if modified versions were in use then the changes will need to be edited in or personal edits to default re done.
  5. Enemy Air field

    If it were possible I reckon it would have been done long ago.
  6. Live Streaming Falcon BMS

    If you have some reason to not want bms running in a borderless window then try MFDE for your extraction. Other options also exist.
  7. X52 profile

    DMS Down is Ctrl End and DMS Up is Ctrl Home (if using BMS Keyfile.) Down transefers SOI between mfd`s
  8. Server Issues? Questions? Tips for 4.33.1?

    Mission 30 mins ago was badly lagging/warping. Server in 2D but not sure if its been like that a few days now or freshly into 2D.
  9. Server Issues? Questions? Tips for 4.33.1?

    The "AI spinning and teleporting" can be seen with the minimal usage of 1 player so do no think its load related. I cant help but think that the server is being strangled now and then for some reason. I also wonder if the pc spec as recently described is capable of doing the math and dealing with the in/out data for a busy server. But that would not apply to the minimal 1 user situation. I have not seen on bms forum any guide to minimal hardware for a `busy` campaign server.
  10. Server Issues? Questions? Tips for 4.33.1?

    Regarding some trying 2048. The way I read the bandwidth usage section in the new manuals it seems to be saying that the server will take the lowest BW connected client and limit all the rest to that same figure. Finding planes rearmed after re-joining (not ALWAYS) goes way back in time not a new thing. The same goes for the annoying flight taking off again on same mission after landing and shutting it down before exit to lobby.
  11. Falcon BMS 4.33.1 has now released - with New Requirements

    I see little to ZERO benefit in Tommo causing problems for bms. They have a lot to gain by giving some reason to purchase such old software that sells to a minute market of retro gamers. They are in the business of selling published titles for whatever they can get not developing new product. I will only thank them if it ever turns out they give legal permission to modify the exe
  12. Nice weather in korea today. On a different topic will VG be still able to host BMS once the requirement to install original falcon 4 arrives with next release ? 4.33.1 is imminent.
  13. Back To 4.32!!

    As you know they can exist side by side so nothing to stop the conversion process if you can make enough time for both.
  14. Server Issues? Questions? Tips for 4.33.1?

    I was still getting jumped by migs during my last mission yesterday whilst bombing targets that fired back.
  15. Server Issues? Questions? Tips for 4.33.1?

    I get the same even with several hours until TOT
  16. Server Issues? Questions? Tips for 4.33.1?

    A good tool to check port status can be found here http://portforward.com/help/portcheck.htm (portforward.com)
  17. Server Issues? Questions? Tips for 4.33.1?

    Minrah LAN_WROTE ... Been having issue with the laser guided bombs not hitting there target not like in 4.32. I have also been having LGB failures for quite a while now (originally it was ok in 433). The laser simply does not fire. I suspect my attempt to activate manual lasing in the keyfile has somehow messed it up (i only just this moment thought of that possibility). Last mission my a.i wingman was doing the up down power settings thing.
  18. Server Issues? Questions? Tips for 4.33.1?

    !st onto the restarted server just now but the A.I issue was too much. Also missiles flying crazy paths no doubt same issue. If there were some way to monitor data flow from server to look for glitches in the feed. No doubt it will straighten out as it usually does :) Re joined a couple of hours later and no issues. Again solo
  19. Server Issues? Questions? Tips for 4.33.1?

    Logged in fine and joined in flight mission out of seosan since some hq flights already tasked. Wingman rolling. Ive a new theory about this. I think we know there is specific code that controls how the A.I formate and generally move around. I believe this code was altered and enhanced for 433. Would not be the 1st example of specific areas of code being corrupted whilst main programme continues as normal. So maybe there is some corruption and only a re install of bms from verified installer files will fix this A.I behaviour. Just a theory. When the A.I are released from the `formate` code by being given the check six or rtb command etc they fly normally again. This code controls them on the ground as well as in the air.
  20. Server Issues? Questions? Tips for 4.33.1?

    A quote from the bms forums "UP speed for client is not as much as important than for the host side. What is very important for the client side is the DOWN speed and with bms 4.33 in campaign mode, the clients need to set at least bw 1024 just to be sure to have enough DOWN speed to receive every mp packets sent by the host and by the other clients " This ties in exactly with what I wrote a few posts above. Namely that the BW relates to what the client is willing to DOWNLOAD from the host. That being my perception I will next try 2048 which I certainly can not actually provide as an upload but which I can as download rate.
  21. Server Issues? Questions? Tips for 4.33.1?

    My guess is the problem is with the local network to which server is connected. Just a gut feeling based on nothing really.
  22. Server Issues? Questions? Tips for 4.33.1?

    Has the `dubious connection` check been turned on yet ? Would be interesting to see if there were any change in the issues.
  23. Server Issues? Questions? Tips for 4.33.1?

    On the subject of ip banning if this is actually possible with a falcon server then it will naturally only work for those having a fixed or at least rarely changing ip. As ive noticed the same person at least twice recently running a 2nd campaign Next time i will see if his ip is same each time.
  24. Server Issues? Questions? Tips for 4.33.1?

    Minrah LAN_WROTE ... so Brain and I found out why im not able to connect, im on a connection running at 20mb down and 1mb up. so with the bandwidth set 1024 im guessing im no longer able to join =/ My memory of a BW topic on a falcon forum predates 433 and maybe 432 I do not remember. My memory of the topic/discussion where help/info was being given by a dev (or at least someone who understood the subject) is that the purpose of the BW setting (then and maybe not now) was not to indicate an upload speed from the client but to set a MAXIMUM acceptable speed of data coming from the server to that client so that buffers or whatever on the falcon client would not be swamped. If this is still the actual case then its not what we are currently chasing. Someone such as Minrah would easily meet actual requirements. Could the meaning of the BW really have done a complete reversal or was what I read back then just wrong (and unchallenged by anyone incidentally). Today I am getting the Kevin pending messege despite having successful flights 24hrs ago and prior to that.
  25. Server Issues? Questions? Tips for 4.33.1?

    For me, ctd at mission exit has returned after being absent a good while. A 2nd campaign has just started. Made a note of 5 names 2 of which are registered at bms forum. Will send by pm as more appropriate.