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  1. Suggestion for event

    I very much like the idea, so that's a YES. Anything that makes the game force you to BE MORE COOPERATIVE and play AS A TEAM is awesome and I greatly encourage it. But this could very well end up in a mess and a lot of argue between players. Just make it perfectly clear who get's the assets and who don't. Why not loose the assets entirely and just make a Fryday Night INF Event ?
  2. Funny Screenshots

    Last week we had a couple of fun rounds on the PR Coop server, as you can see the Harrier in Pavlovsk bay is a perfect surfboard... A techie survived PBA Sydney's Stinger attack due to "humvee flare": EDIT 2: Fixed screenshots, and they are links to larger resolution. -SemlerPDX !hi
  3. Melon's Second PR Event

    Sorry for the short notice, but I will not be able to attend in the event tonight. Sorry guys. Pilot position on Beirut available for the take Have a great time everyone.
  4. Melon's Second PR Event

    Hi Teejay, If you want I can join your squad on Iron Ridge and Karbala. Any kit you need
  5. Funny Screenshots

    We finnished Hades Peak INF in 12 min. 55 sec. I will set this as a starting record...
  6. Melon's Second PR Event

    Pilot#2 in Beirut Warrior#1 Gunner in Bamyan Por favor!
  7. New Member VG Old Player BF2-PR

    Welcome back and thanks for the intro. Have a good time here
  8. Operation "Red Tide"

    Operation "Red Tide" trailer looks awesome guys! Looking forward to you event in March
  9. Melon's Second PR Event

    Thanks for setting up another event Melon, date looks good and I'm almost sure I can attend this one. Nice going!
  10. Server down...

    What will become of the PR junkies without you around ! You are a boss M823us, thanks
  11. The crazy, loud, asshole you all know and love :)

    Welcome Jarvin. Youre topic subject pretty much sums up your character. Loud and an asshole. Maybe I haven't played with you much and you 're actually a good guy, but I don't think you make a lot of new friends or gain respect if you continue that attitude bro. I respect your self-honesty Jarvin007. Anyway thanks for the intro Sledge
  12. Funny Screenshots

    Yes, that was you Simi. Salute
  13. Project Reality 0.95 mappack conversion

    Way too cool, I'm on the edge of my seat here! More maps and events, too come, Whooohooo! Stupid question: When will the maps be ready for download?
  14. Funny Screenshots

    Now let's get back to the fun part of this thread shall we. By the way, has anybody seen my eyeball somewhere?
  15. Funny Screenshots

    And here comes the amazing... SUPERMAN! Trying to place mines on top of huey
  16. Abusive Admin

    I was there with Double and silently witnessed al that happened. We know you are a regular and appreciate your 99 % good gameplay, but this kick was legit as explained by Double_13 Also making a report of an a "abusive admin" is out of line here. If you have the idea of being wrongfully accused, just join Teamspeak and find us in de coop or admin channel. Feel free to discuss the situation before taking it up to the forums. Thank you.
  17. Me SPIE rigging, 1st time, Okinawa

    Must be a overwhelming experience hanging below that Sea Knight the first time. nice video!
  18. Vehicle Event Highlight video

    We got so f*cked at the airport in that last round.
  19. Mapvote No Longer Working

    No, surely not forgetting the s. !admins does not work for us anymore
  20. Project Reality "V.W." Event

    This was a fantastic event guys. 3 hours of fun and action (and no server crash ). Thank you T.E.D.F and Sydney for spending your free time to set this up
  21. Mapvote No Longer Working

    apparently !admin command is disabled again for players and admins...
  22. Project Reality "V.W." Event

    Don't miss the oppurtunity to participate in this great event that will start tomorrow ! Check the roster for free slots and sign up before it's too late !
  23. PR Spy App

    I guess most of you PR players know about the PR Spy on Realitymod.com. It is great if you want to see who is online on your favorite server. But it is not that great if you want to find out where exactly your friends are playing. Since a while there is an app for Android users named PRSPY. This app will tell you exactly when and where your friends are playing. To simply add a friend, just tab and hold a player's name to add them to your watchlist. This app also holds a nice gallery of all the maps that this great game offers. It even holds the end screen of Muttrah City. You can download the app by searching for PRSPY in the Google Play Store. Currently only Android is supported as there is no version for Apple IOS. PR Spy for IOS is a work-in-progress but there is no update since beginning 2015. Check out here
  24. PR Spy App

    The realitymod.com website is almost a decade old in it's current state . During that time they dit not care about mobile phone usage that much. Also have noticed the last update about there forum software. I doubt if they will ever re-design of improve stuff.
  25. New domain

    Nice domainname! and gives faster access indeed. But I honestly do hope it will not entirely replace veterans-gaming.com in the future, beccause it is more obvious