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  1. [poll] Server rules displayed on screen in game

    I?m not sure but was there not an issiue with that? THat the messages if displayed to much could cause crashes or something.... I also might have dreamt that while sniffing melons socks...
  2. I?ve noticed several crashes on loading Lahskar Valley..
  3. New music thread i cant find the old one.

    This beats everything, everytime! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9MTGNaEXGM
  4. [poll] Opinions on this theme?

    I?m with Speirs. I like it clean and simple. However the blue you have now is nice. But...gray stands out as cleen and it holds it together. I kinda miss the "global activity" here on VG.
  5. Bottom86's Passing

    I am sorry for you loss Jamie. the world is now a shade darker when he has passed away RIP Bottom, You are already missed.
  6. Server Crashes

    I always thought it was rooster and not chicken. That might explain some of the problems
  7. Hello devil dogs!

    Hey there Liam
  8. Holster help

    You don?t think you can improvise with some things of this sort? http://www.code3tactical.com/blackhawk-omega-drop-leg-extender.aspx
  9. Project Reality One Point Zero!

    It was nice... I have a few issues...but ovar all great sound! weapons and all
  10. Shilling's Application for admin

    I have been away for some time and haven't been able to look over the server. BUT I do know it needs more admins.
  11. [poll] Opfor event thingo

    Melon Does suck....but I still voted yes
  12. PR co-op event 18. May

    Damn! I ended up working all night instead
  13. PR co-op event 18. May

    I will try to be there...It is my daughters birthday...so that will dictate the time for me
  14. Watch for this guy

  15. 10. November =VG= PR event

    The server has been alive the last months actually. There have been occansions when it has benn full. However there are not that many old players on, but a few of us. I still love the game and now that a few of us have the admin rights and can police the server it seems to be smoother. I would love an event but I?m to lazy to organize one. And it is kind of hard to play when the server is down.