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Well you guys helped me get flying again, maybe you can help with this.

I am having a good amounts of "Crash To Desktop". They're happening at random times, sometimes in the 3D world as I am flying, sometimes after a mission is ended and the game is trying to load to the logbook and sometimes when I try to use the recon function.

I've found the file that holds the crash logs, I just can't make any sense out of the gibberish on the page.... And if I do end up needing to post a crash log up here do I just copy and paste the whole thing or are there only certain parts I should worry about?

Thanks again!



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Not sure off the top of my head, cannot remember the last time I had to deal with a crash log.  You may find more selective help on THIS issue on the BMS forums, as the devs themselves (as well as several long time members) have far more collective knowledge between them.

We could try all day here, but I'd feel you'd not be getting the expert help you deserve cuz we're just taking shots in the dark.  Chances are, over at the BMS sim's actual forums, someone has helped someone else out in the last 18 years who had your exact set of issues and PC hardware.

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I remember several people (including myself) having similar problems with the 32bit version, which at best can use ~3.4GB of memory.
You mentioned you only have 4GB of RAM and you're running Win10. I suspect you simply run out of memory at some point, in which case you should have an "access violation" (or similar) near the end of the log file.

BMS is temperamental, but there are a few things you can try:
- close all software you don't need (firefox, media players, etc.)
- minimize TrackIR to the tray (not just the task bar, should also give you a few extra FPS)
- restart BMS after each flight (always do that!..no matter how tedious it is. Remember to SAVE your campaign when offline)
- avoid loading too much data (ie. only recon your target area once, don't look at 3D models in the tactical ref...)
- don't use the ACMI / flight recorder
- don't fly missions that take you too far away from your airport

With these precautions in mind the most common crash we had was on the debrief screen and even that wasn't too frequent.

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