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=VG= Double_13


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Well as some of you know the official PR tournament is going on.

Due to me playing with different tags [PR|VOG] than usual =VG= on the coop server.
After some explaining that is for tournament numerous people showed interest in joining.

so to no longer having to explain and potentially inviting others hereby an invite to join the Project reality tournament.

So what you need and what you need to do to join the tournement 



  • Have a functioning mic that can transmit clearly what you saying. (No mcdrive mics) 
  • Spare time.
  • Some common sense (not much is needed so everybody should be fine)

If you got all that you can go to


At the top of the website it notes either signups open or closed ( at the moment of writing it is open) 

If open you fill in the application form (Pick VOG to join the side several VG people are in) and submit it. 


 So far in the tournament the following people known within the clan are participating

  • =VG= TEDF (Armour)
  • =VG= PBASydney (Armour)
  • =VG= Double_13 (Armour) 
  • mectus (INF)


  • =VG= Rotblut

so so feel free to join for more information poke ted (because ted loves to be poked :))

or poke me because ted will tell you go ask my secretary.


See ya on the field 

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Just to explain. The Vanguard Operations Group decided to launch an attack against occupied Riamh Pax. That is the faction I am playing in.

Our tag is [PR]RPX|.

We also looking for open eyed, open minded player who like to play against our "Agressor" vog !

Not only that we have to defend our homeland, no the world needs a sign of unity because only so our occupied land can be freed again.

The first victory over the foreigners has already been won and further victories will follow.

These occupiers will be driven out of our country and eradicated from the soil.

Decide who you want to support, the evil or the good.


i-want-you-riamh pax.jpg

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23 hours ago, =VG= Kavelenko said:

form a VG infantry squad

Maybe in C14. In general I think this is a excellent Idea. We plan that before an talk to the right People. 

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