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  1. to be honest, I didn't even know this site... but what you wrote sounds very interesting ...;)

    maybe we should clarify this on discord so that we don't spam the picture gallery ^^ I am currently using the Fabfilter plugins a lot because they are incredibly innovative and they sounded very good. but i'm always looking for good alternatives. and maybe I can help out too with a few plugins...

  2. contact semler about your account via discord. he will find a solution.

    I use an old motu ultralite mk3 as an interface that has EQs, Compressor, Limiter and Reverb as DSP onboard and has practically no latency (less than 1.4ms). I use it to equalize my Adam T8V because there is only a minimal reduction in the treble and deep bass.

    the big LS that you can see in the background are actually cinema speakers (JBL 3678). I use them as a second listening and as a "party box" and they are actually intended for larger rooms.^^ for these boxes is the EQ. they only sound really good with a distance of about 3-5 meters, but with the EQ it works.

    but i have connected everything to patchbays because i watch or hear movies about it and then i patch in a Dolby CP500 cinema processor and i can use the EQ somewhere else via the patchbays when I hear throu the Adams and use it as an EQ for mixing, for example.

    Unfortunately, I can't mix well with headphones... that always sounds terrible afterwards. I use REW to measure and it actually works quite well. you need a calibrated micro (a cheap one is also sufficient. i use the superlux emc999 for 30 €. you just have to calibrated it . which also costs 30 €. i'm lucky that we have measuring technology for the cinemas, with which i could calibrate the mic) REW is free and actually shows you everything. is a bit confusing at first but it helped me a lot.


    I'm also just starting to switch from software to hardware. the haptics, latency and often the sound is much better than the whole VST and virtual stuff...

    the ssl 9000 sound really awesome. I'll also get an analog mixer but unfortunately I don't even have the money for an ssl channelstrip ^^

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  3. why are you posting as guest?^^

    this is the behringer replica FBQ6200HD. The red LEDs even have a very cool property. officially it is an indicator for critical singals which can cause feedback but not really useful as such. but if you are concerned with the display you can guess which frequencies in a mix interfere and influence others too much.

    ...then of course not all of them light up. that was  only for the optics^^

    i like the eq because it practically doesn't color the sound on 0db. In addition, it has a subwoofer output that can be regulated in terms of crossover frequency and volume, and also a generator for pink noise.

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