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  1. i cant see threads so Ill ask here, whats the core group playing the most lately
  2. After a severly long hiatus from gaming I am on the road to playing again, a new rig new job woot woot
  3. Diggin it, sweet work. Do you have a Wacom tablet so you can digitize your work
  4. My cammies are Green or Tan not grey, my arm says USMC not u.s. army, I say ooh rah not hooah, I answer to Marine who wears a blood stripe, and had drill? instructors not drill sergeants so for the love of God know the difference and stop calling me a soldier. It's insulting! I earned my title and would appreciate it if you would call me by what I am before I axe stomp you in the jaw.I hate when people call me a Soldier. I correct them politely though, not jumping down their throat
  5. As Blud says its to pull you out of dense or unlandable terrain, but once you take the ride youll be looking for it over and over lol
  6. Nice job dude, why do you dog it. If you like to draw then draw what you see and like if others can relate then so be it if not screw em
  7. yeah im sorry I was in when they did the change from Colts to Berratas and they were the biggest pieces of shit out there. Cant do it ... to this day I still shoot a .45 ACP
  8. Hey Guys, Name is PJ up in Salem, MA... Ill try not to make this sound too much like a match.com profile :). Marines 87-91 and loves to do me some gaming. Problem is I tend to have "gaming ADD". Ill play anything out there if there is a good bunch to game with ( Hannah Montana Dance Revolution might be pushing it but with enough beer who knows) Looking through the forums I have or have played just about every game thats on there lol..currently Im wrestling with F4BMS, DCS A10 and FSX. I was a big ARMA fan it was just so many of those units start up and die within a week that it got frustra
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