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  1. holy shit

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    2. Spaz


      Not bad dude, no time to play lately, plus I'm broke and all my equipment broke. However, got an email about the new site, wanted to check it out.

    3. =VG= BLuDKLoT

      =VG= BLuDKLoT

      ya nice to see you man. I been mia too, but I'm tryna get back into it. Just busy with other job take all my time. Thanks for visiting bro, hope to see you more often. 

    4. Spaz


      Yeah was good to see you man! Cheers!

  2. S.P.I.E.

    This is freakin cool man
  3. SAM Simulator

    Haha just found the link in the back of the FF5 manual !blush Damn...guess I'm just posting up old news.
  4. SAM Simulator

    Hey guys, anyone else checked this out yet? http://sites.google.com/site/samsimulator1972/home It's a SAM Simulator. Currently it has the SA-2, SA-3 and SA-4 modeled, with the SA-5 coming soon. So far all I've got is halfway through the SA-2. Note : If your an action fan then this won't be fun at all, its a real-deal system simulator. Really interesting if your a technical type, especially neat to see the war from another perspective too. Cheers, Spaz P.S - Be cool if this was modeled into falcon (its a light-year long shot dream I know), would really make SEAD missions interesting with a human SAM controller.
  5. Screenshots

    Those are some pretty cool shots man :) That was a freakin hairy flight, Blud & whocares vs. 20+ bandits??? sheesh...
  6. Hiya All

    Welcome buddy
  7. Need Help on Falcon 4 AF multiplayer

    Try allowing falcon as an exception in your firewall? Also are the ports you forwarded UDP? Hopefully thats some help.
  8. no promises but i'll try my ass off
  9. Hello all

    hey welcome man
  10. Hello

    Welcome dude :D Cheers, Spaz
  11. FNG

    Hey guys, new around here and just wanted to say "Hey" and introduce myself. I'm a Canadian FreeFalcon5 and Allied Force pilot, hopefully once I get a new rig I can join you folks in Battlefield 2 as well, another of my favorite games. Anyways, If ya see me around on the TS3 server and you want to fly anything from dogfights to campaigns to touch-and-go's give a holler. Cheers, Spaz