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  1. Hey yall

  2. Might need to reconsider my job. You know it's bad when the guys remodeling the bathrooms over night a carrying live weapons. It isn't like we are back home in New Orleans. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  3. Hey yall

    I still need to finish the training lessons. Bah! I like just jumping into a game and getting ass kicked before I go through the training lessons lol. Yep totally did that in starcraft.
  4. Mug Shots!

    Me as Deadpool for Halloween and me with my pup Aphrodite. Half Great Dane and half Great Pyrenees. I also included a pic of me and my ex-husband cira 2005 when we went to the marine corps military ball.
  5. Steel Ocean here i come! Oh wait its a school night and the kids need baths first. Oh damn! Lol i tried.

  6. Over doing it?

    Am I over doing it? Some might say yes and others might say no freaking way. I am thinking maybe I am. Lol. On top of everything I am considering starting my own twitch stream.... yep I might be over doing it. For example: games I am playing are Starcraft 2, world of Warcraft, neverwinter, steel ocean, and a mobile game called king of Avalon. I am also running a discord server, helping to manage a new server, and am a part of 4 other servers. In real life I have a job, kids, 4 big dogs, and a husband who can be labeled as a child too. All this and I am thinking of starting a twitch stream. Am I over doing it? Maybe lol. But I like a challenge.
  7. Hey yall

    I forgot to mention I am also managing my own private discord server, helping to manage a new server, and also on like 4 other gaming servers.
  8. Hey yall

    Let's see what am i currently running.... Starcraft 2, world of Warcraft, neverwinter, steel ocean, and KoA (King of Avalon) (Kia is a cell phone game). All this while managing real life stuff.
  9. Listening to my fave online radio DJ http://www.paragondawn.com/dawnradio

    And starting up steel ocean. Wish me luck!

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    2. =VG= kiwirambob

      =VG= kiwirambob

      Perfect Lilly .. yes I have as a steam friend .. & I thank you so much .. Baci Baci & cheers

    3. MoonLilly


      You are like the 3rd person i have on steam.

    4. =VG= kiwirambob

      =VG= kiwirambob

      Thank you sweet MoonLilly .. your so very welcome

  10. Hey yall

    Hey everyone! Sorry work is kicking my butt. I downloaded Steel Ocean and Argo on steam. As soon as i get a chance I will check them out. Along with playing Neverwinter and starcraft2. Yeah yeah I play way too many games. I did see steam has one of my fave games Rainbow Six Vegas.
  11. Hey yall

    I am looking forward to it.
  12. Hey yall

    I have been meaning to take a look at Steel Ocean.
  13. Hey yall

    Hi everyone. I have been gaming since the days of Sega genesis. Everyone has to start somewhere right? I was looking for a community of gamers where the gamers have been gaming for a longer period of time instead of the last 5 years. I also used a bit of word play to toss my military service in there (veteran gamer veteran military). I know I am dorky. As for FPS, I might be a little rusty. I haven't played since the days of Rainbow Six Vegas. I used to play Halo and Halo 2 when I was in service. Earned the name Iceprincess for a reason. 😁 I am looking to get back into FPS gaming. As for discord, I find it is more user friendly then teamspeak. I can also run it on my phone while I am gaming or handling server issues (my own private server and my guild server for neverwinter) when I am away from my computer. Being a few guildies are Australian it makes it easier to communicate with the time difference. Most guilds I have been in use it also. I remember the days of Ventrillo. Yeah I am over 30 so I remember the old things. Anymore questions, comments, or concerns?
  14. Starting a New guild

    A groups of friends and myself started a new guild. There is nothing easy about it. After we got back stabbed by our original guild for siding against the Guild leader. We got the boot. Whatever.... I was tired of the power hungry prick anyways. We joined another guild.... This did not end well either. Apparently it is a BIG no no to call people out on crap and raise a stink about double standards. Well what is a gal supposed to do? I will tell ya What. How about starting a new guild? Yeah that's a great idea. So my friends and I started a new guild. It's hard work but I love it. We are like a crazy family. Ya know the ones that you cannot go in public with. They are my crazy gamer family and I love them.