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  1. Libya Theater WIP Screenies

    BLuDKLoT =VG= LAN_WROTE ... ETA? Dec 23 !help RAM22
  2. Libya Theater WIP Screenies

    Josip, I have CCC's model, G-4 super galeb / Yugoslav trainer-light attacker, new build, no t-m, no skin, that has no TexMapping and no skin that I will be incorporating in the near future. I'll let you know when it's done. Brian Cpt.Horus LAN_WROTE ... I did but in FF5 in BMS G-4 is designed as cardboard. So it is pointless to invest much effort as it does not change.
  3. BMS 4 | Guns Only Dogfighting

    No problem WW I FEEL OLD!!!! !blackeye I need a nap now........ !wack RAM22
  4. BMS 4 | Guns Only Dogfighting

    Wolfe Wilhelm LAN_WROTE ... How much is this game? LOL, FREE, get it right here at VG in the BMS4 download section : http://www.veterans-gaming.com/download.php?list.76 You also need the Falcon4.0 Exe here also : http://www.veterans-gaming.com/download.php?list.87 Unpack the Falcon_BMS_4.32_Setup into a folder. Also unpack the Falcon4.zip file into a folder, this the Exe you need. Run the BMS 4.32 Setup and it will ask you to point it to the Falcon4.0 Exe, point it to the folder you unpacked it to and it will ck the Exe then continue installation. There's several other files you'll need available for download here but the BMS 4.32 Setup and the Falcon4 Exe are the core files to get you started. RAM22
  5. This is how you "do" an enemy nuclear station...

    Harlequin LAN_WROTE ... (i know about the different hosts... just having some fun). :) Okay on the hosts, just leave the Twinkies alone BURT................ !dancing RAM22
  6. This is how you "do" an enemy nuclear station...

    Harlequin LAN_WROTE ... Oddly enough, that same nuke plant also saw a visit from Mr. RAM and me earlier in the evening. Man, those koreans sure can build fast, as i'm pretty sure we got 'er good the first go around. Thanks for the flights tonight boys! Good fun... That's because I hosted and then someone else hosted on your guy's flight. ;) Any ways, JSOW's!!! You cheaters, LOL, you and I did it with GBU's. Recon shot RAM22
  7. That's a sick pic of me time warping, LOL Yeah, one time me and Jisoku took a flight and that dude was glued to my vertical stabalizer, I said where are you man and he said "LOOK IN YOUR REARVIEW MIRROR" !neo !lolol RAM22
  8. Yeah, so Harlequin and I decided to take the WAR to the Red dudes last night. 3 missions right in a row. We kicked some BUTT. Not really great results in the end for me as I was MIA twice and RS once. Harq made it back to base twice that lucky soms a gun. 1st mission we took out some Airbase, both winges even killed a runway plate, YEAH. Second mission we went after an Underground Factory, Harlequin got it, I couldn't find the damn bunker but we had strapped on some Rockeyes as there was a tank BN in the area, well we didn't do so well there either, Harq got one Krats' and I got some lead up my ass!! !prank As you can see here Last mission a flight to take out Pukch'ong Steel Mill. Strapped on 4 GBU's and planned to make 2 passes as there weren't really any threats around. Theres our F5 escort flight taking off, they didn't help, damn things flying way to slow, we overtook them, they weren't really needed anyways. Ready to go Ingress Shot of Harlequin cruising along Bombs bee lining Target Destoyed, GOOD HITS...GOOD HITS Right when we got to the factory SA10's lit up to the north. Before we knew they were there the plan was to proceed a little north and turn around for the second pass, we'll I did as I thought the SA10 wasn't going to engage, Harlequin flipped a bitch and went back over the ocean. I turned back south to do my second run. Had the target locked and was about 10 seconds from drop and the damn SA10 got me!!!! !fuk Harlequin was able to drop his second pass and took out another buiding. Both wingies also got a building. Totally leveling the Factory. Harlequin and my wingie made it home. I hosted all flights. Things went pretty smooth except that last flight I had major lag/freezing over the damn ocean, so bad I was flying for like 10-12 seconds with a frozen screen and Harlequin was watching me dive like a ton of bricks, good thing we were up at Angels 20 or I would have been POP Tarts. Great flights, had a good time. I really need to practice more...............I SUCK!!!! !crying Should have never got hooked on deving. !angry
  9. Harlequin LAN_WROTE ... RAM you sonofabitch!! LOL!! That loadout was for your eyes only!! It's your fault, you shouldn't have reminded me in the PM about your loadout. I had forgot I took the pics until you said something, LOL !tounge RAM22
  10. So this dude name Harlequin hit me up for a flight. I said cool, what'cha wanna do. He said he had a BMS Iron Fortress campaign he wanted to make some progress in, I said great, lets do it. He hosted, I was a little leary though, you know the Death clown thing and all but he convinced me it was all good. Okay, so it's a Strike on Suwon Airbase, no fekkin' prob I say, lets go................Harq' although he's hosting ask me if he could change loadout, I said sure, Whatever you want dude.....He takes #3 and I'm lead... Taxing out Set and ready to go, #3's all good, 4's being a puss Okay, so now we're off into the unknown and I forgot to hook up the urination bag, but I think I'm good for now....... Harq is doing a great job hangin' Now we're gettin' close to the target "O" Harq decides to speed up and I'm tempted to "PAY BACK 'DA BIATCH" But I decide I need him for the stike, THEN I notice something peculiar about his belly, WTF is up with that Bozo loadout, he's got BLU107s, a GBU and a drop tank, LOL We make it to Suwon and release Hells Fury It all looks good, BUT then after the run Harq gets hit by AAA or somethin', We egress, Harqs wounded and has that damn Clown loadout still, LOL Anyways, we get to base safely, I land and crash as usual when I enable NWS, get a Court Martial for hitting a damn light, PAPI(far) what a crock of shit, Harq made it down fine as he had jettisoned the CLOWN JOKE loadout, HAHAHA Mission Successful, the joke was on me as Harq and both our wingies hit the runway and I only damaged the Taxi way. PLEASE, fly like we do, you'll never have a better, funner experience. Signed, the ACES, Harlequin and RAM22. We teach classes for $20.00 an hour, sign up soon, we have a 2 for 1 offering before Dec 21, 2011, you WON'T regret it. Yours Truly, RAMALAMADINGDONG "22"
  11. Libya Theater WIP Screenies

    Cpt.Horus LAN_WROTE ... Libians been used Galeb G-4 :-) Like I DON'T have enough work to do. Make me a Libyan Galeb skin then. !tounge RAM22
  12. New Toolbar

    Where is the function that allows you to send/receive/transfer files?? RAM22
  13. HooahRadio & VG!

    WOW, that one on the right, that's a LOVE MACHINE................. !crazy RAM22
  14. HooahRadio & VG!

    I wanna stream Hillbilly p0rn, can we, please, please, have one of those little detachable cd players, you can rip out your rear view mirror and put it there. WOW, that would be great. !crazy I'd never go home, just permanently station me in a WAR................ RAM22
  15. Falcon 4 AF

    HAHA, I don't really futz with the radios. When I setup, the only thing I do with comms when I load the DTC is Set the Tower on Preset 0 and Save and if it's planned to do a Hotpit fuel I set whatever airbase tower freq to Preset 1 and Save. I don't have the time to play campaign myself or get to involved as Developing takes all my time. Brian beetlebailey1 LAN_WROTE ... Much appreciated, Brian. I deviated slightly, but the framerates are still very good and the sim looks excellent. My next problem is setting up the radios. I can't seem to figure it out from the manual. I have read thru the "Radios in the Falcon4 World" chapter, but it makes no sense to me. Is there a tutorial on it somewhere, preferably video? I want you all to know that I very much appreciate your patience with me.