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  1. Operation "Red Tide" Part V

    I would like to join the squad Put me on anything you find usefull
  2. Slaughter!!!

    That explains a lot ~~ I did wonder how you get that many infantry kills alone .. I tried my best moving my squad but so it's so hard being everywhere
  3. Operation "Red Tide" Part III

    Hey all I would like to join but seeing im not home for the weekend i unfortunately cannot join. Good luck to everyone and kick some ass - Wafcory_
  4. Operation "Red Tide" Part II

    I would like to join I can be anything you want me to be - Wafcory_
  5. Operation "Red Tide" Part II

    Ahh okk. I thought so i just couldn't find antything so i was a bit confused. Thank you
  6. Operation "Red Tide" Part II

    Do I need to download anything before I can participate ?