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  1. Hi There

    Well, I've been gone since BF2 died. I also used to fly BMS2 and F4AF, some of which was with you all. Since BMS4.34 has a FULL INSTALLER and is ez to install now, I decided to try to start flying it again. I retired in 2015, and since then started doing taxes during tax season, just to stay more active. I'm very glad you all are still here. It will take me a long time to gear up again with BMS...it's beena long time ! Regards Gumby
  2. I Got It

    Yup I favorably impressed too. Unfortunately I had a windows crash last nite and long story short, Steam won't let me access my account atm :(
  3. I Got It

    Just got MW3 and like it...anyone up for it let me know so we can link up and kill many virtual bad guys.
  4. Howdy

    u-tube Gumby hilarious lmao
  5. Howdy

    Cool, I'm on EST. I havent played in a couple of years so I'm re-learning the key assignemtns. Cant even do a ramp start anymore. BUt I hope to be in the air soon. Glad there;s still some interest in Falcon. Pokey dumped on my new rug so he had to go. Happy Holidays Gumby
  6. Howdy

    I just installed BMS4 is anyone playing it?
  7. Flight Sims?

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone else flys FSX or FG2? Gumby
  8. TS3 Working Now

    TS3 wasn't accepting my key assignemnts for PTT. Reinstall fixed it is all i know.
  9. TS3 Working Now

    Reinstalled and got my TS3 working with PTT
  10. Greetings and Felicitations.

    Howdy I think I musta joined while u was gone -- but glad to meet ya M8, see in the servers.
  11. Good to go now

    I successfully installed my BF2/PR/2142 this morning -- just had to run administrator, not used to Windows 7 yet.
  12. [poll] Who has it.

    I'm a bit rusty, but I used to be an ARMA 1 map maker. ARMA my fav game overall. let's play tonite!!! Coop on se3rver YES!
  13. Howdy from Gumby

    Hi all, I been gone for a couple of months due to real world + my rig dies and Ibuilt a new one. I'm having to reinstall all my stuff, but I'm at the point that I can start gaming agin this coming weekend. Can someone just verify your TS3 addy for me so I can link up? My favorite games right now are FF5, BC2 and ARMA seires. thanks! Gumby
  14. Howdy from Gumby

    Well, assuming you guys start flying at reasonable times, this sounds about right for me...how do i join?
  15. Howdy from Gumby

    Additional Questions: 1. Are you an east coast group? I need an east coast group. I like to start flying nlt 8pm est. 2. Do you have a formal training program? I prefer casual and learn as I go, at my own pace. Tired of joing groups only to discover a severe training program that I can't keep up with. 3. Do y'all do pireps? Are they tied to your promotions? Awards program with medals and ribbons? 4. Are there any minimum participation requirements? 5. Exclusive membership required? I do belong to a couple of other groups. thx in adv for any replies. Gumby