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  1. PAX East

    Amtrak runs from Tampa/Orlando/Jacksonville all the way to Boston. Round trip ticket will prob set you back about $200-300; that is, if you're willing to go through about 24 hours worth of transit one way.

    Dragonfly: Logi Medic Bijar: INF Medic Op Barr: INF 2 Gren
  3. Professionals at work

    This calls for a muzz
  4. Professionals at work

    You gotta get it snipped Mectus.
  5. M4 Sherman one shotting 2 Tigers and killing 1 Panther

    What is this dark sorcery?
  6. PR 1.3.5 has been announced!!!

    Get out Mad. Don't come back til you git gud.
  7. PR 1.3.5 has been announced!!!

    Duuuude we get to go to Jamaica!
  8. Thanks for putting together the awesome vid, Recon. It was an honor to have you attached to our unit in Karbala and Fallujah. Your one-liners put me in a good mood for killing loc...I mean completing our objective!
  9. PR : Campaign Episode I

    **Addendum - preview resolution sucks, click on image for better quality Alright a quick overview on some common IED devices Blufor may run into - 1st, the artillery shell IED - very concealable and therefore it can be easily missed. It is remote detonated and blast radius can take out exposed inf to roughly 2 blocks away even in prone (as shown in the explosion below). Next, these are IED's that are buried and are also remote detonated (mine/morter IEDs) with the exception of the victim operated water container IED. The latter being powerful enough to destroy light vehicles that run over it. Lasty, for Mech INF, it's quite difficult to pick out buried IED's but the artillery round IED does show up somewhat. Keep in mind that a combat engineer can diffuse IED's by using a wrench - takes no more than 10 seconds or so just make you're in PRONE. As long as we remain vigilant and stay smart about our movements, we can mitigate losses or even avoid the hidden menace all together. Good hunting everyone. Except you Sparky. You stay away. !crazy
  10. Hello there!

    Oh nice. Given your name and the fact that you come from Denmark, part of your name reminds me of Cpt. Vilhelm Herman Oluf Madsen of whom adopted the Madsen LMG for service in 1902. Random I know lol, my brain works in funny ways.
  11. Hello there!

    Welcome Mads, thanks for the intro. Where are you from?
  12. PR : Campaign Episode I

    Sign-ups are already closed. If you refer to TEDF's post right above yours, you can hang out on Teamspeak right before the event starts and if there are any no-shows, he'll put you in an open spot.
  13. Company of Hooplah

    Dude I got everything. Do you mean that lame glider that flew in HQ last minute?
  14. Company of Hooplah

    Guess who holds the world record for staying alive the longest after sustained fire from a Jagdpanzer Tiger, a Panzer IV, and a squad of Volksgrenadiers? Out in the open, no less? This guy.
  15. IED ID and RPG training

    Really enjoyed the practice session. Thanks to all who participated.