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  1. Operation Flashpoint: Red River

    no, why? is it good?
  2. as most of you know Red River was recently released and i have played it but one of the things that made me want to kick codemasters in the face is the intro to the game, it is utterly retarded and i hate them for that heres the intro for Red River ---------> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaCBcJbrXGY
  3. Nationalities?

    Oh my god were is this thread ganna go next? %-6
  4. Music?

  5. Music?

    hahah! wow!
  6. Music?

  7. Music?

    so we are somewhat on the same page
  8. Music?

    I am interested to see what kind of music us people are listening to today,me? i listen to: Metallica AC/DC Ozzy Osbourne Guns and Roses Iron Maiden Van Halen Deep Purple oh my Jesus im forgetting about 20 other but im sure you get my drift I hate the fact that im 14 and everyone listens to rap....i mean if you do thats your business but i hate how everybody else follows thats my age..... nobody even knows who the hell those bands are i just listed! Ok enough gibberish, whats your music type? :)
  9. Nationalities?

    OMG why you guys gotta steal my thunder? ohh go to hell! :D
  10. Quick Question about OA..

    once you put it in the root directory you have to activate it using the addons tab in game
  11. Quick Question about OA..

    then actually it will be very easy....just download it then put it in the OA root directory....if that doesn't work just PM me !g3
  12. Quick Question about OA..

    actually installing ACE on OA is a pain in the a*s...thats only if your running combined operations soooo are you running combined operations? :?
  13. Nationalities?

    actually.....im German, Irish, British, Russian, Native american and of course american! WOOT WOOT
  14. Nationalities?

    U.S.A All The Way! HOOAH!
  15. New VG Member

    lol its funny because i imagined the head admins giving Jangman some kinda flaming sword of the gods...with holy music playing in the background