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  1. A3 Mission Test - Great Altis Race...

    if your doing it after about 6-7pm GMT on friday i should be around
  2. A3 Mission Test - Great Altis Race...

    if i'm around, i'll be there
  3. VG Insurgency Server

    Apparently vetala and myself had the same idea at the exact same time and i checked the time it's about 6-8 seconds for the browser to find the server with either term it does take longer than it used to find the server, but I am just glad it now shows
  4. VG Insurgency Server

    I dont know if you did anything Savage, but the server is now showing in my server browser again.
  5. Russian MSO session 17 July - Evening

    i'll be there providing i get home from work in time
  6. Arma 3 Session: 28 June 2014

    Happy to be slamfires assistant auto-rifleman
  7. Dino Horde

    i bought it as well thinking it looked like a good waste of time and tried to play it, as soon as i got to the menu the graphics glitched out. i expect there is a simple solution but im to lazy to find it
  8. Insurgency 2014 server

    Just to confirm is it this insurgency which you guys mean? http://store.steampowered.com/app/222880/ Edit: sorry im an idiot i did not see the link ColdNFreezin
  9. New motherboard for 4670k

    @savage haha, well that's lucky, hopefully this one wont corrode @pigeon cool, you could probably convince him easily to upgrade the processor, especially if you can find cheaper things as well. all i did was spend five or ten minutes Googling. i need some easy pigeon points, i want that whiskey
  10. New motherboard for 4670k

    Damn savage, where did you get that 660 from? i bought a 650 for about ?150 ( about $250 US)
  11. New motherboard for 4670k

    http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/2JIPB Hows this? i got bored. only difference i can be bothered to find with the case is it's not hotswap... so tell your boss not to be lazy (plus is he really expecting to swap out HDD's often?)
  12. New motherboard for 4670k

    Do it pigeon, get a pretty new graphics card at the same time
  13. Dayz Firing squad

    Personally i'm not sure if i would recommend it yet. the main reason i bought it is because the price will probably raise after release, but considering its only alpha and fun already. i wont be complaining about spending ?20 for it after a bit more development
  14. Dayz Firing squad

    That was awesome. I don't think i have ever seen a group that large in a Dayz before, it would be awesome to get that many people again And then i went on to reddit and found that PointyElf had posted the video onto there haha
  15. Dayz Firing squad

    This is just a link i promised to post from some shenanigans while playing Dayz, I apologize if my mic was a bit loud.