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  1. Hello There

    lol hey bob. Been a long while. I plan to get back to my flying ways asap. So watch out. It will be Mashtur city in 5 minutes again. Xp
  2. Hello There

    Ya Semler I was looking at that saying hey wait. Didn't I make that backing the day? You flatter me that you still use it. I had to go look and see that mine is still out there too.
  3. Hello There

    I look forward to dusting off my joystick and flying again. I loved flying. My best game in a little bird was 248 - 0. Look forward to playing with you guys again. And thanks to all of you about everything going on. Life is hard but that's what makes us stronger and proves to everyone that we are stronger then what life can throw at us. Or at least that's the way I look at it.
  4. Hello There

    Hello guys, Sorry that I have been M.I.A. for so long. Have had a tough time of things over the last year and a half. I downloaded PR after talking to you guys in Sep of 2014. I was getting to the point of being able to get online and play again as I finally dealt with shit going on. I was not having a good time with my wife as she had been getting increasing hostile and I was about to leave. Well in Nov of 2014 she was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. Well she has 2 major surgeries to remove the cancer and did 5 months of chemo and was given the all clear. Well in Nov. of last year she fell and broken the ball joints in both of her elbows on black Friday. The X-Ray tech said he would look into any 2 for 1 offers for me due to the 6 X-Rays she had to get. Well then my son gets hit by a car while riding his bike to a friends house and thankfully he is ok but the guy that hit him is an ex-cop and he had a concussion so they take the drivers account and now I have to play for his car to be fixed. Now as of Wed. my wife's cancer is back so we have to deal with chemo and maybe even surgery again. So this is the reason I have been M.I.A. I know it's not a very good one. But I figured I would let you guys know. Good news though. I will be downloading PR again and will try to get online on Mondays to hang out again.
  5. PR screenshots

    Got to love PR.
  6. Battlefield 4

    Hardcore is the way to play if you want to run a sniper rifle or get your other guns outfitted quickly. The game is cool but keeps dropping me or has other issues. But when you are having fun its nice.
  7. Battlefield 4

    So anyone playing it?
  8. New Book

    Thanks Sempler.
  9. New Book

    I think that that is the website I used to use. Thank you putting the url up. Funny thing is I have never been crafty. I started teaching myself how to make books about 6 months ago with no formal training. I guess it is the one craft I am good at.
  10. New Book

    Hello sports fans. I bring you the latest in book making. So some of you guys have me on Facebook and get to see some of the things I have been making over the last 6 months. Well I thought that this book would interest some of the members here so I thought I would share it. Sorry about the big pics but I forgot how to resize them. Oh and I made this book for a soldier that came into mu work in uniform. When I asked him for a patch he told me he would get me one when he got back from DC. 2 weeks later he show back up and take the patch off his arm and hands it to me. I was honored. So I made this book for him. It will likely stop a low velocity slug and just about any knife. The front cover has a 3.5 mm layer of hard leather. The book has 150 pages. As you can see from the pics it is velco with no metal. He can remove the patch to place back on his arm. [EDIT: SemlerPDX - fixed images sizes]
  11. Project Reality One Point Zero!

    Downloading it now. It will be nice to get back on PR. I liked flying.
  12. Greetings every one.

    Welcome. :)
  13. In need of help :)

    ok so then you are looking for a pci-e video card. I have to go through my stuff so I will get back to you in the next couple of days and let you know if I can help.
  14. In need of help :)

    Ok so here is what I have for you. The P5GD1-VM doesn't support your 6750 because the P5GD1-VM has a pci-e 1 slot where the 6750 is a pci-e 2. So unless your old video card fried with your motherboard it should work.