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  1. Hello father

    Omg, he is sooo funny.
  2. Battlefield 3 friendslist (EU)

    Off topic: I got a brand new BF3 CD still rapped in plastic.Waiting for money to upgrade to w7 and to buy a new gf and more ram. Minutes away to install it om my wifes laptop. Have fun guys
  3. Support Your Local Server

    Hear hear
  4. It all started with.....

    Told him to follow the white rabbit to....
  5. It all started with.....

    took out his cellphone and called...
  6. It all started with.....

    As we headed out for Ramiel, and it was then we discovered
  7. It all started with.....

    and In came the general wearing a clown costume, screeming....
  8. Thank you Spears, for the new ts3 icons!

    Nice job Spears, this right up your alley.
  9. PAS-N-GAS

    Hi there Pas-n-gas/joefish. Nice playing with you the other day. Good luck with that captain, boat fishing...thingy.
  10. Mortars 101

    Great reading. Do you have a procedure you follow when calling for mortar, or more important; when the mortar team is about to fire against a target? I would like to use more mortar, but I would not be the one who teamkills a squad because of lack in communications.
  11. Stuff that makes us laugh

    I really like JoeCartoon http://youtu.be/zmP0hmuDbMQ http://youtu.be/0MAfDXN45d0 http://youtu.be/LYE3riHLptI http://youtu.be/ebQy8QDWjkE
  12. My First ArmA Video

    Nice video, good quality and the intro is awsome. Im with Blud though, too much Apache takes the focus off teamplay. But still, a very good video.
  13. Killing Floor - Hold the Line!

    I never liked zombie games. My hair at the back of my head raises when those creepy things are moving towards you.
  14. More ARMA 3 screenshots

    Im with you Blud, but to the looks of it, I need to start saving....
  15. strange sound in Kiev 11.11

    That is a creepy sound, reminds me of Crysis actually. But if we are to be logic, Im with TortiaBoy, it sounds like some heavy steel is dragged. Is it a drydock nearby?