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  1. About last night...

    Wish I had a good joystick and knew how to fly :(
  2. Just checking in from NorCal

    Your the same people O_o
  3. Just checking in from NorCal

    Welcome, Keep up the work
  4. Howdy from Gumby

    Hit them up in TS, FF5 has it own little channel, Just join that and people will be their when they fly
  5. Howdy from Gumby

    I don't fly with these guys but the video's are great. I don't believe they have a training program, just join in and have fun. Also Welcome (:
  6. Me, RAM, Dutch, Foxbat, Robocop, Thumper1

    Need a Mic to fly :D
  7. Me, RAM, Dutch, Foxbat, Robocop, Thumper1

    BLuD is back to normal, flying again :D Nice Pictures
  8. Sooner266 checking in (and out :P)

    dman248 LAN_WROTE ... Have fun, blow off some steam or let someone blow it for u :p You forgot the *Hint* *hint* !amazed
  9. Funny song from PR

    Haha, Sounds good actually
  10. Arma 2:OA

    I wont, Damn, Eating then 30minute bike ride, :D
  11. Arma 2:OA

    Lol, Wanna get into a Game and mess around with them?
  12. Arma 2:OA

    Nah, its small :D
  13. Arma 2:OA

    Combined Operations joint AddOns :D
  14. Arma 2:OA

    I know!!! Do the animations work good Jang??
  15. Arma 2:OA

    That was buggy, When you get shot doing a animation it carry's on till the animation ends then you drop dead
  16. Arma 2:OA

    Erm No it's not xD The protocol is start using dance animations :D
  17. Arma 2:OA

    Great HAHO jump :D
  18. Muckin' around in Teamspeak

    Biggest mess I've seen O_o
  19. Arma 2:OA

    WEEEKKKEEEEENNNNNNDDDD! Vision will be testing and filming your maps later today.
  20. ArmA2 Server...

    Okay, The server is only used to play DOMI right now, what if on some weekends when we can get in, we host COOP missions or something of the like. There is already alot of missions out there. http://www.armaholic.com/list.php?c=arma2_oa_files_scenarios_mpmissions I use ArmAholic to get my singleplayer missions.
  21. ArmA2 Server...

    Oh I get you, Combined operations is just the package LOL
  22. ArmA2 Server...

    What do you mean it's not the real version?
  23. ArmA2 Server...

    I'm not saying change it from DOMI altogether. I'm saying everyone now and then we play a mission.
  24. ArmA2 Server...

    No I mean, Like proper missions Like the scenarios the game comes with The reason we can't complete any tasks is because we get 4 players and that's not enough to take out tanks infantry and the rest
  25. My Gaming Chair Broke!

    And I probably bought one ¬.¬