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  1. Hallo.. hello..

    Crystal clear
  2. Hallo.. hello..

    i smoke nothing... but if i do, i'd be like..... i overthink something that obvious didn't I
  3. Hallo.. hello..

    Trying to do translation : Question about English (UK) What does blud(slang) mean friend? right? mean? Yes, it can mean friend or mate . Blud is another way of saying friend! Similar sayings are 'bruv', 'bruh' and of course 'bro' am i right mate bro?
  4. Hallo.. hello..

    Wow.. Thank you for the warm welcome. There's still a lot of reading and practice i can do to be a better member. About me, well, i have been playing falcon bms since 2013, bms 4.32 back in the day, and already amazed at how much effort people are willing to mod this game. I'm old enough to play the buggy falcon 4.0, but not old enough to really understand tactics, situational awareness, etc. ( i'm still young btw). I'm not reading all the manuals since 4.32, not even flying once a week/month. as an offline player i'm merely impressed at the advanced flight models & documentation. maybe i've seen a couple of videos on how to shoot amraam, navigating by tacan, doing ramp start. but lets just say "i know where the shoot button is". Currently i'm taking the falcon academic test in falcon lounge, not completing it yet. no rush, i'm enjoying it, i'm enjoying what people have put into it and... here i am, joining this forum, and sometimes (if the internet is stable enough) i would fly on this server. Hoping to see you guys soon, around angels 20.... yes i have a hotas, but my hands still love yanking the stick so thank you again and i hope you guys can guide me in this Falcon BMS era.
  5. Hallo.. hello..

    Greetings, my name is Allen and recently joined this server. i'm looking forward to play falcon bms online and to get to know more people. i'm from indonesia, not fluent in english, please be patient with me. Thank you all
  6. Hi all, i'm new here and english is not my native language so please be patient with me. I'm also not having good enough internet connection here... btw, where a new member introduce themself?