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  1. A3 Liberation server

    Great, now there is Tanoa Liberation instead of Insurgency on second server, and for dev build only on top of that.
  2. A3 Liberation server

    Sure, I remember how A2 Insurgency and it's SOAR and 'whitelist' elements worked. It was good, if not the best mission I ever played. Thing is Liberation didn't get any of that scripting so far, it's pretty much the same it was year ago and with minimal changes over basic mission. Don't get me wrong - I understand what PITN is most likely don't have time for all that now and I can't help with that - unfortunately I have no knowledge at all about Arma scripting, don't even know where to start. And nah, Tanoa isn't getting old. My idea was about vanilla and DLC servers at the same time with better (it have good variety of parameters by default and can be ejoyable even without scripting, runs much better) mission/scenario with minimal work required. But I get what you saying now - I just had no idea what you guys can host even more servers, heh.
  3. A3 Liberation server

    I remember A2 Insurgency server being full all the time, just sayin. Eh, good ol' days. That popularity(quantity) comes with no quality at all. All that players are typically lone wolfs and jumping in jet/attack heli as soon as possible ("hey guys, do you need cas?" in chat while hovering 100m above us in hot AO in Commanche without gunner, true story), and they are often 'activate' AOs all over the map, which again leads to poor performance. It's popular partly because there is no rules and no control. Also not everyone have Apex DLC with Tanoa to play on second server (main reason it's not that crowded) and this is why I'm talking about BMR Insurgency with Altis (vanilla, only base game needed) for first server. Every time I'm on Liberation server it's always one big mess. Gigantic FOBs with abandoned trucks and tanks, AI squads waiting for their master (who d/c a while ago, yesterday I saw two fully packed MRAPs just sitting way beyond frontline and not moving). Enemies teleporting and ignoring half of the mag in torso (their spawn is often broken aswell, yesterday we walked up to the center of big town and T-100 with infantry literally spawned on top of us), helis taking like 4-5 AA missile hits to go down (single hit must be enough) and teleporting in the air, again due to lag and bugs. LIberation scenario itself isn't that good, and AI ratio just not suited for non-full server - 4-5 players vs. tank platoons? Why that issues didn't pop up here before? No idea. Anyway, BMR Insurgency have none of this problems. With a little bit of tuning of parameters it will be ideal, I think. But it's up to you to decide, I'm just giving ideas.
  4. So, not only the scenario/mission itself isn't that good, it is very buggy and unstable. On top of that random players build enormous (but useless) FOBs and spawn a lot of AI for themselves which mess up performance aswell. Second server with BMR Insrugency on Tanoa runs very smooth (though it's very often down for unknown reason, maybe when all caches are destroyed it's just not restarting automatically?). Anyway, my solution is simple - replace Liberation with BMR Insurgency variant for Altis.
  5. Happy Birthday, man! Cheers!

  6. Insurgency A3

    Maybe better but it just didn't worked that way in classic A2 Insurgency :)
  7. Insurgency A3

    Respawn with VA loadout works kinda weird. Looks like it just gives you all your gear on the moment of your death. Field repair works but don't refuel stuff. That's realistic but repairing helicopters after crash landing is useless most of the time.
  8. Insurgency A3

    Thanks Savage. Looks like good changes and tweaks. Is it possible to replace some of the stuff around HQ with fuel and ammo trucks since there is no HQ repair/rearm/refuel script yet? Also yeah this happens both after spawning on group member and HQ. Spawning on group member itself isn't working well too.
  9. Maybe just put back ACR 0.80 which is more stable than 1.50 ?
  10. Arma 2 ACE Multi-Session Operations thread

    Oh... No one is going back to 7.62 nato rifles. All this rifles now in really limited use only because of A-stan landscape and hadji 7.62x54 weapons. If you don't know 7.62 nato never replace 5.56 because of weight. You can check MP.net too and count ratio of 5.56 and 7.62 nato weapons on photos. You will be surprised. Also, the only toy here is your airsoft gun.
  11. Arma 2 ACE Multi-Session Operations thread

    Nvram =VG= LAN_WROTE ... There is a reason almost every army is going back to 762mm rifles... ... meanwhile every NATO army still using 5.56 as main small arms round. I'm just saying its easier to pack heavy stuff in transport. Light and mobile fireteam will be more useful for any task on MSO.
  12. Arma 2 ACE Multi-Session Operations thread

    PDW for pilots ? What's wrong with M4A1 or MP5 ? IRL pilots use them. Real "sniper" ? Since AI don't care about camos or ghilies just pack M107 in the back of MRAP and switch to it when you really need it. Rest of the time you can 'work' as part of the fireteam. That's all. Same for M240 or heavy AT, for example.
  13. Arma 2 ACE Multi-Session Operations thread

    What about this domination-style revive thing ? Is it possible to remove or rework it ? I mean lack of fatal wounds and instant deaths, plenty of time for revive, markers on wounded people, observer mode, etc.
  14. Arma 2 ACE Multi-Session Operations thread

    Jager LAN_WROTE ... Fish kebab is 16 square km smaller than Rash man ;) Also much less green areas on Faysh which is good for performance.)
  15. Arma 2 ACE Multi-Session Operations thread

    Highly recommend Faysh Khabur map. Even better than Reshmaan.