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  1. AVCS4 Voice Control Radios for Falcon BMS

    is seems this version 1.1 is referencing a sound file that is not included in the profile which is causing a long delay and eventual failure in the processing of the command. The highlighted line in the voice attack output window shows the file that is missing.
  2. Ok so I found some sounds I can use, kind of like the ones you had there...They'll do in the interim until you get them backed in. I added the accepted sound as you stated...I'll do some testing and see if it works ok or not. EDITED: After adding the unrecognized sound to F_AVCS_VAS_INVALID_COMMAND I found that it was playing this sound for all kinds of stuff that it couldn't recognize. From hearing the dog barking to my own breathing. I guess I didn't notice that VA was picking all that stuff up until I heard it playing the unrecognized sound all the time. So I removed it since it isn't too helpful anyway. Knowing that I should hear the "beep beep" sound after a correctly recognized command was enough for me. if I don't here the beep beep sound I added then I know it didn't get what I said and I repeat it. Works pretty well. Maybe you can come up with something fancier than that. My next test will be enabling all humans flight with PTT set to OFF and see if that works well. if so I will most likely keep it that way, typically I only fly with people and not a mix of AI other than normal ones AWACS, TOWER, TANKER.
  3. Hey man, been using the profile without too many complications...I do have one issue which isn't an issue more of a request. I've been wanting to turn off the comms menu in game (she hack to turn the menu into a pixel so you can see it) and if I do that that is the only way I know if my command was accepted or not. It would be cool if you could get some feedback if the command was accepted without having to look at the VoiceAttack window. I typically have my VA window covered up by Helios or some other tool. i've tried setting the DEBUG command in your profile to say "say again" if a command wasn't accepted but that only seems to apply to actual commands. It fails to work if it accepted the command but didn't quite reach the confidence level. At this point nothing happens. Is there some way to do what I'm asking?
  4. So I did what you've suggested with regard to setting a different PTT key. I used the Coolio POV switch on the Warthog Throttle as my VA profile PTT key and then set PTT mode on for the VA profile. This would work for MP but in Single player I like to use the UHF and VHF keys as I normally would . I've just set PTT mode off in SP so my blind calls are picked up by the VA profile (usually) without the need to press my alternate PTT key. It's kind of clunky but so far it works for me. I don't know how else you could do it without it ending up being an issue.
  5. Some nice additions and glad to see that you are actively developing this profile. It is my goto for BMS single player and am currently trying to work it in with MP. The MP side of it for me is just a trust issue mostly. I don't want to inadvertently trigger the tanker done refueling until I'm directed by my flight lead to do so, but the blind call of done refueling still needs to occur. I guess using PTT mode and setting it to something other than COM1,COM2 is the answer. Again nice work and looking forward to the finished product!