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Castle Roof Finished

Just finished the roof of what will become my castle in ARK.  Got the idea to make a double arched roof for the ramp entrance in the front, and though it was a pain to get ARK to let me place things where I wanted, it worked out in the end and doesn't look too janky.

Time to start on some towers, turrets, and walls now! :tatice_06:





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ARK: Survival Evolved

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remember that you can use the large gates in a hexagon to create a tower. You can fill the door segments up with walls and they will have a different look that makes it nice.

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Awesome tower concept, Double - thanks!

Haven't got to the walls and towers yet, kept running out of stone, etc. cuz my inventory was only 900 slots -- increased my stockpile storage to 4,800 slots (space for nearly half a million items).  Also went and tamed another 2 Argentavis (Giant Eagle) for a total of four.  Now I can go out for mining and return with over 10,000 items so I can spend more time building and less back-and-forth gathering of the resources.  Largest stone walls cost upwards of 500 stone per wall, so it's still a big endeavor even with structures plus, just less fiddling in inventory menus and chests.

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Well I might not play ark as much but I still remember the concept from the VG server. I remember you did had to use the ground anchors and a trick to get them in an hexagon lemme see if they have some videos about it 


here you go

That’s for when you use normal building but the gates should not require this as they snap by them self make sure you do not flip them as they look ugly on one side and it should be on the inside 

note: I only stole his hexagon building technique for the walls the gate was just a lucky own find 

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