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NEW - AVCS Voice Controlled Bug Report

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Profile:  AVCS4 BMS - Immersive Voice Control Radios
Issue:  --GENERAL VoiceAttack / AVCS ISSUES --
Profile Version:  1.3.91
VoiceAttack Version:  1.8.6

Steps to reproduce:

  1. request qnh  ||  AI COMMS 3 - ATC - Common Page

Expected Behavior:
default functional operation

Observed Behavior:
(see attached error log file, if available)

Personal Testing:
(AVCS Automated Debug and Reporting used)

AVCS CORE Version: 0.91.2 F_CORE_MAIN Version: 0.91.1Session Command Count:33 RAM(total):34221793280 RAM(available):27238256640
LastCMD:request queue an age PreviousCMD:s
Playback:Headset Earphone (HyperX Virtual Surround Sound) Playback(comms):Headset Earphone (HyperX Virtual Surround Sound)
Playback Volume:36 Playback Mute:0
Microphone:Headset Microphone (HyperX Virtual Surround Sound) Microphone(comms):Headset Microphone (HyperX Virtual Surround Sound)
Microphone Volume:100 Microphone Mute:0
Speech Device Volume:100 Speech Device Mute:0
AVCS CORE Profile: AVCS CORE (v0.91b) AVCS Profiles List:
AVCS_PROFILE_AVCSBMS91=AVCS4 Falcon BMS Radios (v1.3.91b)

235750324 CID:0 -DEBUG-##- || INFO:  ==========================NEW REPORT==========================
235805257 CID:1538 -DEBUG-000- || IS:1 || ACT:Spoken || CMD:request qnh
235805288 CID:1538 -DEBUG-000- || RID:936 || CAT:AI COMMS 3 - ATC - Common Page
235818147 CID:1538 -DEBUG-04- || INFO:  LOOP page = 5 - Keyboard Key has been pressed == T
235828443 CID:1538 -DEBUG-04- || INFO:  LOOP page = 4 - Keyboard Key has been pressed == T
235838727 CID:1538 -DEBUG-04- || INFO:  LOOP page = 3 - Keyboard Key has been pressed == T
235849024 CID:1538 -DEBUG-04- || INFO:  LOOP page = 2 - Keyboard Key has been pressed == T
235859326 CID:1538 -DEBUG-04- || INFO:  LOOP page = 1 - Keyboard Key has been pressed == T
235904599 CID:1538 -DEBUG-05- || INFO:  Command complete - ~avcs_prefix_target = ATC  ||  Current TimeKeyIsHeldDown = 5   ||   Current TimeBetweenKeys = 5
235904646 CID:1538 -DEBUG-05b- || INFO:  Final Keyboard Key has been pressed == 1

Severity / Status:      Significant

View full bug report

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Okay, this is a big issue... the time between keys should be default 50 milliseconds (0.05) and not 5 seconds.  It is regarding the way my systems are handling international decimal separators, and will be resolved in an upcoming beta version.  For now, as posted in the Discord channel, anyone with this same issue will need to import this custom version of the init_MAIN command into the AVCS4 BMS v1.3.91 beta if they don't want to wait for the next version.

This issue may pop up with other decimals in the profile, but I can't think of any as crucial and game-breaking as having 5 seconds between every key that AVCS4 BMS presses.  Follow instructions carefully to overwrite the default init_MAIN command, and restart VoiceAttack to enact the change.   This is a hotfix and not a fully functional update so should only be used if someone has this same problem of very long time between keypresses by AVCS4 BMS v1.3.91 beta



Step 1:  Open AVCS4 BMS Profile (the edit profile button, where you see all my commands)
Step 2: Press the button on the lower left labeled "IMPORT COMMANDS"
Step 3: Point it to this profile here called "DO NOT IMPORT THIS"
*it's labeled that so as to not be imported as a profile, only import it's command!
Step 4. When AVCS4 BMS Tells you this will overwrite any existing commands labeled in RED, allow it and proceed


Download: DO NOT IMPORT THIS - Follow instructions in Discord-Profile.vap

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