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1. Banned Username: MacintoshMach
2. What Server(s): Veteran gaming coop server
3. When did this happen?: like 1-2 weeks ago
4. Reason you were banned: Teamkill in base
5. Describe the events leading up to your ban ( how did this occur and why? ): So we were on the harrier me and my friend sir flankerton waiting for our CAS helicopter to spawn then we wanted to mess around so i wanted to put down my kit and because i spawned in with the rifleman kit i had a grenade which i switched to because of my scrollwheel movement then i tried to press t and drop kit but i accidentally threw the grenade i tried to flick to try to throw it in the water but i threw it behyind a helicopter and behind that helicopter was a admin and he banned me instantly.
6. Personal Statement ( Why should we unban you? ): I think i clarified everything above also i like playing casually so i guess thats a personal statement

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I was the banning admin. with your behavior it was clear that something like this would happen...you shot at the carrier all the time, always very close to me, if I remember correctly you destroyed a chopper with an rpg before and at least wasted another one.

when you tked me with the grenade, it was too much.

please change your behavior and shift down a gear. Of course it is sometimes boring to wait 5 or 10 minutes for the chopper to respawn but then you shouldn't have let yourself be shot so quickly...

you will be unbanned for the next weekend until then take your time and read the server rules.
and even if it is not explicitly stated there, please stop wasting assets, trolling or shoot around senselessly.


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The Banning admin has decided to unban you next weekend 20/03/20  . You will then be added to the watch list.

Please follow the rules or next time it could be a permanent Ban.



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