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AI Wingmen

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Hello again, I was wondering if it's ok to have an AI wingman when flying alone on the server ? I looked over the rules but didn't see anything except under any circumstances we aren't allowed to add/remove AI flights. Wasn't sure if that mean't AI wingmen or not.

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It's not on the Server Rules page, I suppose I should put it there, too...

I have written about this aspect, like many "rules" for our Falcon BMS Server, they are more of guidelines than actual rules, as there is rarely ever a need to discipline players in a flight sim.  I don't specify how many or how often, but basically we expect players to use AI for their own flights only and within reason.  On that note, I will put this quote in more prominent locations so it doesn't go unseen:

On 11/12/2015 at 3:08 PM, =VG= SemlerPDX said:

Special Note:  You can see now that Falcon flight packages can be assigned to do most anything in the digital war, but remember: This is NOT Command & Conquer or Wargame!  DO NOT frag AI flights to accomplish player goals!  You may frag AI flights to support you on your specific mission, within reason (do not assign 12 AI aircraft to protect you on a deep strike just for extra cover, for example).  The complex way that the AI frags it's own flights to support the proper flow of the online campaign depends on us not messing with it too much.  The VG BMS Campaign is an attempt to balance the AI war with needed Human interaction, we have specifically grounded certain AI squadrons to allow players to take on a more active role in certain parts of the war.  Please respect these rules on our server and thank you for flying with us!


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