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Coop Testing Outpost

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This Wednesday at 17:00 PRT/ZULU (13th of June ) I would like to test the new coop supported map outpost. We shall only be playing the STD map as the alt and lrg layers will be extracted from it. 

The test is to verify all the spawners work and mainly to verify if the challenge isn’t to hard 


The files shall be uploaded Wednesday

I hope to see you all on the 13th of June 

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Due to events the testing time has changed by 2 hours( time main post is correct) It might happen it might not continue at all due to some personal thingys (nothing bad)

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No the map images have not been made cus the map isn’t ready yet and assets might change. 

The approx assets for now


9 boats(1.5min respawn)

2 spandral (5 min respawn)

2 bwp1(7 min respawn)

4 logi (5 min respawn)

2 trans choppers (5 min respawn)



11 tanks (T72)

12 APC (bmp2/bmp3/MTLB/BTR)

4 Shilkas

4 spandrals

7 cas (3 hind 3 havoc and 1 chopper that isn’t on any other map yet)  

And few Milan’s/AA/MG


the huge number of enemy assets are not a problem as the enemy assets spawn on the field and get reduced with every flag the humans take. Example taking the 3th flag removes (1 Spandral 1 mortar 1 APC 1 CAS 1 TANK), also note that the enemy assets are delayed to prevent an huge asset wave at start). However the key on this map is that all transport assets have been removed (jeeps trooptrucks) and you depend on FOBs so trans and logistics will be important.

APC assets PL get should have enough fire power to take out the assets but you have to keep in mind that around 10 Milan’s are in the city so you will have to be careful and get your intel correct. 

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the download is up

to verify if installation is correct you can play it in single player under the name D13outpost

for the people who tested monday (deathdealer/volod) please delete the entire D13outpost folder before unpacking the new one

server password will be given later


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Fix Combatzones so fobs can be build
Fix BMP teamlock
Move helicopter spawn to beach
Fix First flag not showing up
Fix first person joining crashing
finetune the nav for some specific areas

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