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New Partnership!

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Greeting all,

Just a announcement to let you know we've partnered with HirePatriots. Our mission is to help them in their mission helping veterans and their families get back to work, find jobs, counseling (along with many other things). I know the owners personally (Mark and Tori) and I can tell you, they have spent their personal wealth on helping veterans, to the point of personal sacrifice. They went from living in million dollar house, to living in a Camper without running water. It's been a tough road for them and they give it all to the benefit of others.

The good news! Great things are about to happen for HirePatriots! Finally, After 8 years of devotion to veterans and their families, HP just partnered with Verizon, Chase Bank and Pepsi, along with Rock Bank Hip Kitty (see attachment for song written for HirePatriots) and very recently VETERANS-GAMING!

The details of our new partnership are still being worked out, but once we're settled, we'll be sure to send out another announcement with full details!

In the meantime...I would very much like to show HirePatriots some love VG style!

As a special favor to me, please visit their site at www.hirepatriots.com and you'll see the Facebook widget on the right margin of the site, please just "Like" HirePatriots on Facebook and that's it! (If you have Twitter you can Follow too ;)

My intent:
I would love to get his Likes to go way over 1000! Let's show HirePatriots some love! I'm curious to see how many Likes we can get them! Their devotion to veterans is very inspiring. Let's give him a lift with a show of massive support! They're a great couple and HirePatriots is a great cause.

For more insight into Mark and Tori (HirePatriots) read their "about us" if that doesn't touch your heart, nothing will.

Thanks for the support here guys, I truly appreciate everyone that responds to this.

PS - I've also PM'd this and posted it in the . The song attachment is only accessible via the forum post.



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