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VTOL VR: A Leading VR Flightsim Experience


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I would like to tell you about a game which I believe is the all-around best experience you can ask for flightsims in VR, for several reasons:

  • less than 3 GB filesize
  • Runs on Nvidia GTX 10xx GPUs
  • Offers a fully interactive cockpit with medium-fidelity avionics, striking a good balance between immersion and complexity
  • Decent flight model and ballistics, RCS simulation
  • Virtual controls work just fine, allowing for precise control
  • Multiplayer is now implemented
  • Many custom maps and missions, Workshop support
  • Including the attack heli DLC, half the price of the newer DCS modules (36 EUR)

If you haven't checked this game out and have VR, I really recommend you take a look at it, it has the potential of being an extremely immersive experience for everyone involved. If you have this game, that's awesome, and I'd love to hear from you to fly along sometime!


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