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      COOP Campaign First Live Battle 17th of February 1900 PRT   Commanders have made their moves and this time the factions managed to clash. Red Dragon faction launched an assault on MEC territories with their mechanised and regular INF divisions. The battles will take place on Lashkar Valley & Archer. 

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  1. Thanks Cobalt.
  2. Server crash 15:07Z.
  3. You had me at the first chord of AC/DC.
  4. Around sooner..let's goooooo!
  5. Last night, there was no red south of the DMZ, or hardly any combat units visible anywhere on the map and next to nothing regarding enemy air. Nuke reactors and war plants up through PY were also mostly at zero. I flew two missions to PY and no SAMS had tracking radars. Maybe NK is making a comeback what with the Olympics and all. Good to hear as I can go back at them later today!
  6. I will be on around 19:30Z today for the duration.
  7. TBH, the campaign is getting kind of boring and we're running out of targets, so a reset if necessary isn't so bad.
  8. I will be on around 2000Z if anyone wants to fly.
  9. Very nice. I have Track IR already, but Trackhat is a great alternative for those who don't...much cheaper and as good if not better from what I hear.
  10. Another issue with other theatres, particularly the Balkans (which I think is the prettiest btw), is long flight times, which players may/may not want to endure in a live campaign, especially after some of the frontline units are attritted and flights become even longer to targets. Offline, one can easily 4x over the Adriatic, but not so during online campaigns.
  11. when he joined my flight in progress, I tried both voice and text with no reply. I was a little leery when I saw him get on my six, but it certainly was done on purpose. odd that someone would take the time to learn such a complex sim, yet do something that stupid.
  12. Some clown named Celik (pilot name Mikail CLK) joined my flight in progress (not on IVC) and friendly fired upon me shortly thereafter with no enemies around at 8:42 EST 2/11/18. IP
  13. Cobalt, I noticed last night that roughly 1/2 of the combat squadrons were set to human control last night. If I understand the campaign correctly, these squadrons were not fragging sorties, which makes it pretty hard for the allies to win.
  14. Are you trying to make me feel bad, Cobalt?
  15. Regarding HOTAS setups, I had a CH Fighterstick/Pro Throttle/Pro Pedals set up for years. However, I had my eye on the Warthog, but shied away at the price. I caught a sale on Amazon for $339 and couldn't resist. OMG, what a difference! I used to have trouble air to air refueling (still not easy), but the first time I flew with the Warthog I connected and got a full load the first time! If you find out you love BMS, save your money and get the Warthog, I promise you won't regret it!