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  1. doing some OCA strikes

    Nice! Lawman and Tril are friends, but I'm busy coaching HS softball now and haven't flown with them lately. Tell them hello for me!
  2. Server Issue

    Server crashed and still not up for two of us after like 15 minutes.
  3. BMS crash reports

    Crashed 01:24am Z.
  4. BMS Server SOP

    I hear what you're saying Cobalt. I just wanted to have some guidelines to point to rather than someone thinking I've got some kind of Bonaparte complex. Whether they listen or not is entirely another matter, but at least we'll all be singing the same tune when it comes to the rules.
  5. BMS Server SOP

    Is there an SOP for the server listed somewhere? If not, could we put one together? I've noticed guys who log in, join a flight without asking and aren't on comms and/or don't reply to shift-T text queries. I'm always down to fly with guys, but those who "commandeer" a flight without so much as asking or worse, not communicating, are becoming more frequent. I had two such instances this weekend, one of whom crashed the my AI F-16 wingman at take off and then asked me if I wanted to dogfight. I'm not sure he was a griefer, but it would be nice to point out to these guys that we do have an SOP for joining a flight.
  6. Server Issue

    Server crash 17:30pm today. Figures, I was just engaging Su-27 and Mig-29 after days of not seeing any EA.
  7. Good to see all the new pilots on the VG server

    Tril and I ran one after you left and this time, used the azimuth attack function. In one attack, got 49 kills/damages from my ship alone. JSOWS are death for static convoys!
  8. Server Issue

    Thanks Cobalt.
  9. Server Issue

    Server crash 15:07Z.
  10. Falcon 4 Video Tutorials

    You had me at the first chord of AC/DC.
  11. Waiting to fly

    Around sooner..let's goooooo!
  12. Server Issue

    Last night, there was no red south of the DMZ, or hardly any combat units visible anywhere on the map and next to nothing regarding enemy air. Nuke reactors and war plants up through PY were also mostly at zero. I flew two missions to PY and no SAMS had tracking radars. Maybe NK is making a comeback what with the Olympics and all. Good to hear as I can go back at them later today!
  13. Waiting to fly

    I will be on around 19:30Z today for the duration.
  14. Server Issue

    TBH, the campaign is getting kind of boring and we're running out of targets, so a reset if necessary isn't so bad.
  15. Waiting to fly

    I will be on around 2000Z if anyone wants to fly.