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  1. I didn't even know I wanted this in ArmA3 (or PR for that matter). Imagine...a whole squad armed with machineguns dangling from a chopper flying over an enemy position.
  2. I personally would pick a regular SSD and go for 500GB. The 950 Pro is pretty sweet but the price is still too high for my taste. I'd also definetly go for 16GB of Ram just to be on the safe side.
  3. It actually looks better without the vacuum. Get well soon buddy.
  4. I'd be down.
  5. DCS is THE flight sim. You need 15 minutes of flipping switches in the cockpit before you can even lift off. If I were crazy I'd totally get into it. Die Leute hier k?nnen alle deutsch weil Silent Eagle die beste Map ist ;)
  6. Are those events gonna be like Bluedrake's Scenario Sunday? If so I might have to take a break from Witcher.
  7. Pavlovsk, Silent Eagle, Fallujah West.
  8. I feel like right now with all the newbies it might help if the experiences players would all start leading instead of chilling together in one single Elite-Squad. It might suck at first (hell I want to play with the guys I've always been playing with) but in the end we all would profit.
  9. lordvlad30 LAN_WROTE ... that's still much in my opinion but i'm just a college student without an income so everything costs to much for me. I'm fairly content with my DSL16000 for now and 20? is a decent price imo. Not gonna upgrade anytime soon.
  10. If I were to upgrade to the same volume I'd have to pay 40? a month + rent for the router. ISPs are crazy.
  11. What are you paying if I may ask? I also get what I'm paying for (except for yesterday when torrenting PR). I'd change my ISP if I didn't get my money's worth.
  12. There have been revolutions for lesser you know what to do vlad.
  13. Man that sucks.
  14. Strange. Well at least I don't have a data limit.