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  1. Next DCS Title pretty Much Confirmed

    The last time i flew the f18 was on the cbm amiga-F18 interceptor by Bob Dinnerman.
  2. [moved] Member pic thread

    We went to the Dominican Republic for 2 weeks,it was Heaven on earth :-)
  3. ok,ill have to buy it then.
  4. i dont think there is one unless u play FF,theres noway im paying for aeyes widescreen,it shoulda been implemented for free.
  5. [moved] Member pic thread

    This is myself and the wife from honeymoon last year,most recent pic of me.
  6. i cant find the member Tank.....
  7. Ok,i fixed all the other issues,just need to contact Tank about the widescreen issue. Thanks
  8. Is there anyway to get the game to work in 1920*1080 widescreen without black borders without buying that stupid aeyes widescreen mod? Also whenever i go to outside view the game becomes corrupted and crashes,i am using zerks hires 3d pit,desert storm theater and paytiles....
  9. Hi there. i have just installed AF with latest patch and skunkworks,do i need to install the paytiles with skunkworks as i have the paytiles or dont i need them? Also do you play AF more than FF because of the online capabilities even though FF has better graphics? im seriously going to get into this game again,may need a little help though if its available thanks
  10. Hello all

    thanks guys, i built it myself in December 2008,i upgraded the processor about 6 weeks ago,YES it was expensive cost me about $6000.
  11. Hello all

    Hi people just saying hello :)