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10% Discount @ Trackhat.org

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I have secured a deal with Trackhat.org to offer 10% discount @ Trackhat.org. Its for new and current VG signups. Its non affiliated so I dont get any commission or kickbacks. Its just to try and get more people flying and enjoying Falcon 4 BMS. Just PM me and I will send you a one use code. All I ask is that you have a look at my youtube Falcon 4 BMS startup tutorial videos and like / comment.  I am putting a good few hours into them so would appreciate it. 


I also have a post on this forum with all the training videos on. Trying to add videos as quick as I can.

Thanks and hope you you enjoy the discount and videos.

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Very nice. I have Track IR already, but Trackhat is a great alternative for those who don't...much cheaper and as good if not better from what I hear.

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No probs. I do have one x 20% code for the first taker. Would prefer it to be for a new joiner but if anyone needs a head Tracking System let me know. After that it is 10% codes.




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