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Hey guys,

I have been trying to create an official =VG= Logo but I suck at Paintshop Pro. I've been trying to make something that will become the main Logo. It needs to be BOLD and center around =VG= with gfx that highlight us, our games, the objects from within our games, etc.. It needs to be a hi-res or hi-gloss image that can work as an icon, avatar, etc.. but also be able to be printed onto t-shirts or other merchandise (maybe diff sizes?) so it can't have clutter and the colors have to be just right. Initially, I was trying to set a large =VG= and behind that were F-16's and some ground Armor but I can't make anything that looks professional. I've looked at logo creators as well but they too suck ass.

I know some of you could get this done in 5 minutes, so if you would like to help out, lets make something happen! I've asked a few people offline but they suck too, so now its up to you!


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