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    • VG Clan Members can edit VG Wiki Pages; anyone else who would like to help edit or create pages, please message =VG= SemlerPDX

    The VG Wiki is not meant to replace known good Wiki's for games or topics, but to be our own information database for the games we play and the servers we run here at VG.  While this would not necessarily be the best place for a general Wiki about the game Project Reality, for example, it would be an excellent place for a collection of pages about Project Reality COOP on the VG Server, perhaps the kits and kit numbers that are available, the assets and how they work in COOP, and with specific regards to how we use them or expect them to be used on our PR COOP Server.  The same goes for all of our games or simulators.  Pages and collections of pages or categories can be specific to our servers as information for our players while at VG, where typical wiki's are far more generic.


    The VG Wiki will also take over the role of the various Rules pages we have for servers, including combining the many Pinned or Featured posts from our forums that have piled up over the last decade into a much more easy to access format in a single place or sometimes single Wiki page entries.  Unlike forum posts, VG Wiki pages created by others can be edited by anyone with VG Wiki Editor permissions (which by default includes all VG Clan Members), and this allows any willing member to help keep our public information current such as displayed server versions, connection instructions, or even wording changes or edits to a particular server rule.

    Goals and Intent

    What are VG Wiki Pages for?

    VG Wiki Pages are intended to contain guides and manuals specific to the VG Community, website, servers, and games we run and play together.  Often great information is shared over the years in a less than formal manner, and ends up in long lists of Pinned Posts scattered throughout many forum categories.  This might include SOP's or Standard Operating Procedures, sometimes necessary or very helpful for some more complex or structured games like Project Reality or Arma 3, and even Falcon BMS, and for the relevant "How to Connect" server guide info and "How to use X vehicle" players guides, too. 

    VG Wiki is about VG,
    so our first ideas
    should go to what
    we play here


    A single page can have up to 25 individual sections listed in the Table of Contents, but we don't expect every page to use this many.  Topics on a subject (like all the vehicles of a game) may be better suited to an overall page about each game element (kits, vehicles, factions, etc.) where then each individual vehicle (or vehicle type) gets its own page.  Requests for new sub-categories for any of our servers are welcome and will be discussed as presented, including proposals for new parent categories (such as the main Rules, Information, Guides, Manuals, etc.).


    Again, VG Wiki is not designed to replace known purpose-built Wiki sites for games, and certainly not for ones already completed and used by gamers - but if one is lacking, and anyone would like to start a game topic wiki for it, we'd be glad to discuss it and create the categories if approved.  VG Wiki is about VG, so first ideas should go to what we play here, and so the content can get rather specific to our settings and configs even, and specifically how to use something as they would in-game among others at VG.

    Who can Edit

    Who can edit and create VG Wiki Pages?

      The basic rule is that if you can see the "edit" links by content, such as in a Summary Panel, you are allowed to edit the page. 

    To make it simple, locked VG Wiki Pages are to be considered 'final' and only worthy of edits for typos or updates of information that may have changed.  Additionally, most Server Information related pages and 'stub' pages regarding the VG Community and current established servers have been created by the "VETERANS-GAMING" member account to signal that it's okay for anyone to edit as needed.  The point of a wiki-style editing system is that editing is not locked to the original author, only to the specific VG Wiki editing and administration permissions.  The basic rule is that if you can see the "edit" links by content, such as in a Summary Panel, you are allowed to edit the page.  Tedious rewording is discouraged, preferring to encourage only edits for improving content for accuracy, grammar or syntax, and such.

    All VG Clan Members can edit all unlocked VG Wiki Pages, and any known regulars of the VG Community including Game Admins, Server Teams Members, etc. may request VG Wiki Editor permissions.  Everyone is expected to follow the Editing Courtesy described above, and in the VG Wiki Pro Editors guide.  Changes are stored and previous content can be restored, but it is a tedious process, which is why we are not presently allowing every website member (including new website accounts) editor access by default.  An additional role may be assigned or requested as needed by trusted members of any group called VG Wiki Admin, which allows for the locking and unlocking of pages for updating key info like Server Game Version, as well as the ability to create new pages or move pages, edit or add Admin Page Notes, or the default 'stub' notice.

    VG Wiki Editor

    Why does the Editor look so odd?

    The VG Wiki Editor view for any page is 25 sections plus additional sections for title, etc. in order to make it easier for all users to create pages with a Table of Contents and optional inset elements.  When used, Section Titles comprising a Table of Contents are effectually URL links which lead to that page and scroll directly down to that specific section.  Some of these elements and designs are not easy to control without direct HTML or markup language editing, which we do not offer. The VG Wiki Editor allows use of the standard editor panel buttons and familiar options, as well as additional options to transform content sections with styles or positions.

    A floating navigation bar helps jump around the VG Wiki Editor more easily, and encourages users to skip sections for inserting new content later, listing only the odd numbered sections as jump links.  The compact editors guide lets editors refer back to information while editing, including common callout box options.


    From page view, editors can see 'edit' links that are hidden from non-editors, and these kindly jump directly to the content in the editor nearest to them in page view, allowing swift updates and corrections without searching the long editor or memorizing editor section numbers.

    With very little experience, anyone can create pages that look a lot better than the dreaded 'wall of text' that normally accompanies player and server guides for online communities.  The Summary Panel is intentionally left blank for common pages with preset Summary Panel Templates, allowing us to edit this information in one place, while allowing other users to create their own Summary Panels for other pages or categories. 


    As a commentary on the use, purpose, and design of the VG Wiki and VG Wiki Editor, while writing this page, I knew I needed to describe a few matters.  I began with a description, hid the Summary Panel and increased the description font size, and began with a few section titles, starting at Editor Section 3.  Later, while writing about the way VG Wiki can break up walls of text, I discovered I had written a wall of text myself.  So, I began to adjust section content positions, moving a few titles up to the empty sections I left between, and inserted a few callout boxes to emphasize key points I needed to make, and adding bold styling to a few key points within the paragraphs including a bold subtitle for each section, and I inserted an image of what I was describing into the paragraph about it - drag and drop.

    They may seem like minor things, but dividing content into sections and using inset objects and/or wrapping texts really can make a difference on presentation for a wider audience of readers, or even those who may be just skimming for key content.  All in all, I hope everyone who enjoys making information pages can use these tools to have fun and to make great looking content that more easily delivers our gamer wisdoms and community info to fellow online gamers.

    -SemlerPDX Apr. 6 2021

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