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  1. aah i see the problem now my squadmate was popping flares as he was approaching
  2. ah damn yeah about that, i wasn't trying to teamkill it just surprises me how i can lock on to friendly chopper so i just aim away from him and shoot at another direction so i wouldn't make a mistake and accidentally shoot him down, but anyways thanks for replying
  3. 1. Banned Username : human315 2. What Server(s) : Veterans Gaming COOP Server Project Reality 3. When did this happen : April 6 2020 4. Reason you were banned : shooting at main? 5. Describe the events leading up to your ban : i was shooting at main and basically goofing around while waiting for a helicopter to spawn (Trans squad) and out of the blue i was kicked, tried to get in and it says i am banned 6. Personal Statement : it's been a long time since i play PR and i forgot alot of the rules in the VG coop server, i know that it was my own fault to broke the rules and that forget
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