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  1. I finished this city map first,island map will be waiting for some time,I changed the layout。 The map has a large coop area,no navigation in the upper left corner ,Navigation has 99000 face。I want to add more areas,Unless I can。 i did 16 32 64 128 size。 16 meinsurgent vs usmc,this model is special,your mission is to stop USMC main force from crossing the bridge,If the vehicle passes the bridge,meinsurgent will lose tickets。The flanking forces will attack soon。 32 idf vs mec 64 usmc vs ru 128 mec vs gb Missing loading interface picture, music and menumap,mini map is incomplete, not pr style。 There is a problem with the maxSpawnDelay of individual vehicles,I used 600 second, But it was reborn quickly after the destruction,GamePlayObjects.con its ok。 https://www.moddb.com/games/battlefield-2/addons/crosscity-prmaps
  2. I'm the map author,PR Forum and moddb all uploaded. The current layout is for reference only.
  3. this is minimap,I'm going to make navigation. when I finish, I will conceive the specific landing or defense layout. You will play the landing side and defense side in different map sizes.
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