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  1. Hello Veteran Gamers! I am Tomcattwo. I have been a gamer of lots of things ever since my first Radio Shack TRS-80 computer in 1980, and even before on mainframes when I was in college 1973-1977. I started air Sims with Red Baron, even tried to write my own flight sim for the TRS-80 (not a very good one but helped me learn some better programming). I started Falcon 3, F-15 Flight Eagle (Amiga) and Falcon 4, through all its evolutions (1.08, eFalcon, FreeFalcon and early BMS) from ~1997-2003, and flew with the FreeBirds (thanks Vulture, Mitch, and Hammer, among others for teaching me how to fly Vipers in multiplayer in its infancy) as Training Officer during the 2000ish time period. I recently found out BMS was still going, and dragged out my old Falcon 4.0 DVDs, and gave it a try again. I am amazed that this 23 year old program is still going strong and is still one of the most realistic military flight Sims still out there! Been working up my skills and am glad to be flying F-16s again I am currently working on a set of TEs/Trns which will allow you to fly in the BMS Mideast128 theater during Desert Storm in 1990-1991 as Capt Keith "Rosey" Rosenkranz, author of the outstanding book "Vipers in the Storm". "Vipers in the Storm" is an absolute must-read for any serious Viper sim-driver! For those of you looking for great tactical detail and use of actual USAF comms and brevity codes etc, you just can't beat this book! Great technical explanations and actual ground attack tactics you can use (and that work) in your BMS flying experience. Thanks also to SemlerPDX for his outstanding work on AVCS and Voice Attack profiles. I had used SHOOT (since early 2000), and VAC (over the last couple years for ARMA-3 and Janes FA-18 and Falcon 4 BMS) but am now up and running using voice attack with the ACVR profiles and adapting it to my "flying lingo". Glad to be aboard with Veterans Gaming. BTW, I am a Veteran Veteran Gamer - drove (real) submarines in the US Navy from 1977-1997. Regards, TC2
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